Red Ted Travels the World





Sometimes I think we photographers—particularly those of us who have photography as a profession—take our craft too serious. We want it to be perfect, composition has to be right, light has to be beautiful, and of course the subject has to be something that says something important about whatever we are photographing. But sometimes I think we should let down our shoulders a little and just play with our craft. Not always take everything so serious. What better then than to give yourself a project that is silly, funny and absolutely free of all pretensions. I have had such a project for many, many years. Me and my love one have a little red teddy bear, worn out, ragged and quite faded. He has been travelling with us on holidays and been photographed as a family member, whether it’s in the Eiffel tower, in the jungle of Peru or just up some mountains in our back country. I have taken Ted—as he is simply called—with me on professional assignments as well, and nothing loosens up the atmosphere as bringing Ted out and put him on a shoulder of someone I have photographed «seriously».

Here are some later photos of Ted. If you think he is fun and photogenic, you can see some older photos of him on my web site here: Red Ted.







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Photographer based in Norway
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91 Responses to Red Ted Travels the World

  1. I love this! Red Ted is perfect to add that air of whimsy to your not so serious photos. If only he could talk I’m sure he would have some amazing stories to tell. Maybe he should start a blog. 😉

  2. loisajay says:

    I love a well-travelled bear!

  3. Leya says:

    Loosening up a bit! Nice. I think this suggestion goes for most of us. (Not only photographers…) At least grown-ups…we take everything seriously, and being a woman is even worse…Now I am so old that I sometimes succeed in letting go a bit. Feels good.

  4. Ted is quite a model. You’re fortunate to have him for inspiration.

  5. Mary says:

    Love that idea.

  6. paula graham says:

    Yea, good idea, good post.

  7. WONDERFUL, awww the cute little red teddy bear – has traveled more than I have. But, so adorably cute. Great idea – made me smile – thank you for sharing. love it.

  8. These are great! Ted is such a lucky bear 🙂

  9. I have a ted too, I call him Travelling Bear, but he hasn’t been to as many exotic locations as your Red Ted, good fun Otto 😊

  10. YellowCable says:

    Lovely pictures!!! Having Mr. Ted with you on your traveling is a great idea. Much more fun..

  11. thirdeyemom says:

    Love this! Yes it is so important to have fun! There are a few Instagram accounts I follow that always have a prop like his in the photo. Is that your wife in the photos?

  12. I particularly like Red Ted in the reeds. And yes, writers do this too. We take ourselves way too seriously and forget to just have fun and enjoy our work. Love your playfulness.

  13. Vicki says:

    Love it 🙂
    And you’re completely right…….we, amateurs and professionals, can sometimes get a little wound up being Pedantic Photographers.

    (FYI I used to have a teddy bear and red frog puppet that went everywhere I worked as a ‘live-in’ children’s nanny in the UK in 1978 and here in Melbourne in the mid 1980s – sadly, they’re migrated to new pastures now).

  14. Otto, I absolutely agree with you, that sometimes we professional photographers take it too serious, I often struggle with always wanting to be 100% perfect. Thank you for your share and the fun collection of your red bear. Cornelia

  15. rangewriter says:

    I love well-traveled Red Ted. Great little muse, isn’t he?

  16. jmnowak says:

    Red Ted’s my kinda guy…Go Ted !! I think the view from the sombrero would have been fantastic! My travelling companion is called Jack and we’ve had a few adventures too!

  17. Chillbrook says:

    This is a fun project Otto! You’ve got me thinking now. Red Ted is clearly very well travelled. Some smashing pictures here! 🙂

  18. How adorable! I love your pictures of Ted all over the world in interesting spots. 🙂

  19. Jane Lurie says:

    Love, love, love, Otto! Thank you for the smile, wonderful photos and important reminder to keep it light. 😀👍🏻

  20. themofman says:

    That’s tight Ted, show those travelling garden gnomes how it’s done!

    Hope to see you on one of Kevin Clarke’s old red couches!

  21. seabluelee says:

    Thanks for the early morning laugh! I recall your mentioning Red Ted before and it was nice to renew his acquaintance. He is one lucky bear to be so well traveled. Not to mention having such an excellent photographer to record his adventures!

  22. Louis says:

    Good fun Otto. I have heard that a Red Ted can also be a very good listener on occasions!

  23. Ptck says:

    Ted is very lucky to travel in good company !! beautiful playful series

  24. Good thing Red Ted brought you along to take these fabulous photos of him and do his documentary

  25. Heartafire says:

    Apparently “Red” is quite the ham and who can blame him, he is adorable! 🙂

  26. Reggie says:

    Red Ted is amazing! What a well-traveled bear. 😀 And what a wonderful, light-hearted and fun way of engaging with the people you meet on your travels.

  27. vsweta says:

    Awwe! That is adorable. What an awesome idea.
    Just got back from a long vacation, only if I had come across this post earlier. Though I think I would have had a hard time choosing from the zillion stuffed toys I have collected since forever. 🙂
    I hope I get to meet red ted someday…

  28. Tea A Month says:

    I love to travel every-time when i got my mood good, but i never do like this, but want to do the same as next time..

  29. Love it! It is amazing how much fun it can be and how creative it can get. We used to have a little frog come with us on our camera club photo shoots but he either got stolen or jumped to another lily pad.

  30. giselzitrone says:

    Danke schöne Fotos lieber Gruß und schönen Nachmittag Gislinde

  31. Gertie says:

    Vilken befrielse och vilket härligt inlägg!
    Red Ted får stå som en symbol för det lekfulla och det ärliga, det oväntade och det förutsägbara…ja, kort och gott…en symbol för livet!
    En Red Ted borde alla resenärer ha:)
    Tack Otto för ett stort leende…You made my day…night:)
    Alles gut och jag hoppas att det är så, även hos dig/er.

  32. Tiny says:

    I think he’s fun! And very experienced, with lots of friends around the world! Travel well, Red Ted 🙂

  33. Susan says:

    I’ve always vicariously enjoyed trips all over the world with you and Pat but I love Red Ted. May he travel with you two forever. (and he’ll keep his secrets)…Thank you for posting.

  34. shoreacres says:

    There once was a sweet bear named Ted
    whose travels were all in his head.
    One day, on a whim,
    he untangled his limbs
    and opted for roadies instead.


  35. Truels says:

    No doubt that you have lots of fun travelling with Red Ted! And great fun to make a series of shots with your little red friend 😉

  36. GP Cox says:

    I particularly thought Ted looked rather dashing on the statues in Oslo, Norway (on his own Red Ted site.)

  37. Love your Red Ted! I especially like the one of him peering through the tree branches. 🙂

  38. Ahhhhh……I hope Red Ted enjoys reading Bertie the bears posts! So pleased to see there is another travelling bear out there that’s awesome.

  39. “Sometimes I think we photographers—particularly those of us who have photography as a profession—take our craft too serious. We want it to be perfect, composition has to be right, light has to be beautiful, and of course the subject has to be something that says something important about whatever we are photographing. But sometimes I think we should let down our shoulders a little and just play with our craft”. – With your permission I would like to quote you in a presentation I will be doing to our camera Club shortly as I think it is completely relevant (naturally I will reference your goodself. Scott

  40. He is soooo cute, the red bear Im talking about 🙂 :). I am sure you made everybody, who looked at this post, smile – I certainly did! I agree – he should have his own website! Would follow him, too. Take care – Namaskaram from S India.

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  42. Dina says:

    Love this approach to photography from a professional. 🙂

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