Last Week’s Instagram

Once a week—or every so often—I will display one of my photos captured and/or processed with Instagram over the last week. It’s a way for me to show photography that usually is quite different from my regular work. Except for the technical details beneath the pictures are displayed without any comments, hoping they will stand on their own. But I still very much appreciate any comments you may have.

Facts about the photo: The photo was taken with my cell phone and then processed in the app Pixlr-o-matic with the filter Karen. Finally in Instagram the frame from the filter Kelvin was added.


About Otto von Münchow

Photographer based in Norway
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36 Responses to Last Week’s Instagram

  1. YellowCable says:

    A beautiful shot. I love the composition and the choice of rendering color.

  2. Heartafire says:

    A beautiful rustic scene, lovely footbridge supported with stacked rock with no filler, wonderful lighting, a great result!

  3. Chillbrook says:

    Beautiful Otto!

  4. Angeline M says:

    Really nice! I love the texture of the rocks under the bridge, and the bridge which snuck up on my eye as I first looked at the path and trees.

  5. Love the warm tones, and texture, want to walk up that path and see what’s beyond where the light is and take a side trip to the bridge and see more. long overdue for a walk in nature.

  6. Stunning image, Otto. Love the sepia effect. Happy weekend. 🙂

  7. shoreacres says:

    I can well imagine a workman crossing this bridge on his way to work on the walls of a certain stone house. As a matter of fact, that same workman might have helped to build this bridge. That stone looks very famliar!

  8. Debra says:

    In particular, I love the stacked stone columns and the tone in this photo is really unique. The light and shadows are very nice and seem more apparent to me than in some of the apps where I feel the color changes also flatten the overall effect. I think I need to check out Pixlr-o-matic. Like the effect, Otto!

    • Like any other app, Pixlr-o-matic can also easily over-do the processing. But I really like some of the more subtle effects it offers. Thank you for the lovely feedback, Debra.

  9. Love the composition and the process used in this final image Otto. I hope you have a great week.

  10. giselzitrone says:

    Schöner Wald liebe Grüße und einen schönen Sonntag Gruß Gislinde

  11. Roland Theys says:

    Excellent photo!

  12. Ptck says:

    beautiful place, but a treatment that is aging too much for my taste
    Have a nice week

  13. themofman says:

    I like the orange tint to this.

  14. Lisa Gordon says:

    I really love the tones in this one, Otto, and it is so peaceful to me.

  15. The golden tones invite the viewer to venture down the path. It seems there are promises of warmth and sunshine along the way.

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