Grow as a Photographer

Finding Your Voice_2

Do you want to become a better photographer? Feel you are better able to translate what you see into an expressive photo? Wish to be good at capturing photos that convey your artistic vision?

Maybe taking an online workshop will really kick-start your photographic development.

As already mentioned some posts ago, I will commence with another round of my online photo workshop «Finding Your Photographic Voice». This is a chance for anybody passionate about photography to grow their visual understanding and become a better photographer. Maybe it’s something for you, as one of my readers of this blog?

It will be a workshop over eight weeks full of inspiration, new ideas, my guiding to find and refine you own visual voice as well as my invaluable feedback. I will not talk much about technique, but rather focus on the creative process and how to express, as captivating as possible, your intent with you photography. I will give you lessons and feedback on the assignments you do each week.

The next round of the online workshop will commence on May 9th and continue for the next eight weeks. Why don’t you give it a try? I will send you the first lesson for free so that you can check out how it feels for you. Just click on the button, sign up and I will send the first booklet free of charge and no attachments whatsoever.

Get first lesson for free

Of course, you won’t get any picture critique for the free first lesson, which is really where the big value of the workshop lies. I give personal, direct and very constructive feedback on each assignment throughout the workshop. Nevertheless, the free first lesson will give you a good idea about the format of the workshop, as well as good tips and valuable inspiration in and of itself.

If you just want more information about the workshop you can look up «Finding Your Photographic Voice».


14 thoughts on “Grow as a Photographer

  1. I would love to be able to afford to pay for crtiques, to enter art shows, lessons, photo expeditions and so many things. Negative constructive criticisms aren’t given away for free on WordPress or anywhere really, and if they are given for free and unasked for they are badly recieved. You are offering a valuable service and if I could I would sign up for it.

  2. If there was a workshop anywhere I would love to take, this is it. One of these times I will have the extra cash flow to be able to do it. Thanks so much for the free lesson however, I’m exciting to look at it.

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