Go to Cuba

Do you want to explore Cuba together with two experienced photographers? In May, Sven Creutzmann and I will lead a super exciting photo workshop. The two photographers know the Caribbean photo heaven more than most others.

Cuba is a unique country—whatever else you may think of it politically; for a photographer the country is full of exceptional photo opportunities. Photographically speaking, it hardly matches any other place in the world. And by attending the photo workshop this year you will be able to witness a historical time for the country. Already the times are changing rapidly. If communism still isn’t on is way out, the mix of stall centrally controlled governance and a new, more open economy, is swiftly shifting the old Cuba into a modern, but also more global lookalike. Some of the uniqueness is vanishing—for better and worse. Now is the time to experience the uniqueness of Cuba. And what better way than together with Creutzmann and me who have, respectively, lived in and travel to the country for more than 25 years.

The workshop «Street photography in Cuba» is set partly in Havana and partly in Trinidad. It’s a exceptional opportunity to experience the colourful and warm people of the Caribbean island. And you will combine it with the teaching of two very experienced workshop instructors. They provide you with valuable lessons and individual feedback for you to develop as a photographer. Or as a former participant expressed: «I developed greatly as a photographer.» The workshop is really about picture making and developing your photographic vision. Why don’t you join?

More information about the Cuba workshop.


31 thoughts on “Go to Cuba

  1. do you still think that cuba is a good place to live cheaply? or will what’s going on politically change all that? really like the che mural in the picture!

  2. I can only wish I could be on this course. Cuba is one country I would like to visit and it would even be better doing so with people who know it. I wish you all the best.

  3. As time has gone  I am completely convinced that I would like to attend one of your workshops.
    Now I just have to fit this  in with other plans. And find the economy for it 🙂
    And this time it does not work for me. I’ve just been in Oman (an amazing trip). And this summer I will be grandfather for the first time 🙂

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