Serenity in the Jungle

Tre venninner nyter freden ved Sanctuary Huishtin


Deltakere slapper av med et slag sjakk ved Sanctuary Huishtin

Den tette regnskogen rundt Rio Caliente

Lizardo gir en av deltakerne ved Sanctuary Huishtin plantemedisin

About a month ago I was fortunate enough to be able to travel into the rain forest of the upper Amazonian valley in Peru. Some of you may remember that I have already written about the experience. It was a profound encounter with an almost untouched nature and not the least the people living in the rain forest.

I visited a shamanistic centre and it was tremendously gratifying to see the knowledge about the living plants and animals that the people possessed. They could say what any of the plants may be used for, what they were healthy for and which to avoid. The people had the same profound understanding about the animals living in the rain forest. Interestingly enough their knowledge about the plants is supposed to be given to them through the use of a tree called ayahuasca. It’s a hallucinogenic plant and it’s when they enter this other world by taking ayahuasca they are told about the plants and their uses.

The shamanistic centre was a undisturbed retreat attracting people from all over the world. As quite a few of you have asked for my pictures from the trip, I post few more here. If you haven’t already seen the others I have posted on the blog, you can see them in the post Back from the Jungle.

61 thoughts on “Serenity in the Jungle

  1. I cannot even imagine such an experience–to be where it is virtually untouched by human intervention. How fortunate you are to have been there. I especially enjoyed the image with the hammock and the view beyond.

  2. of course i loved this update, and that photo of the sun-drenched thatched-roof building is spectacular! so glad you had a great experience! – one of the plants that i love to paint (angels trumpet/brugmansia) is part of that mixture for teh ayahuasca. too much brugmansia, and the person might take a trip and never return to sanity. it’s used in some areas to drug people (just that and not the ayahuasca) and they are robbed then never have a memory of that happening.

    my friends warn me, ‘lisa, be careful when you’e studying that plant!’ a shaman, of course, knows exactly the right mixture!

    thanks for giving us a few more glimpses of your serene jungle retreat!

    1. Yes, some plants you just don’t want to play with. I think there are different plants you can mix into the ayahuasca drink. At the place I visited here they used chacruna. Thank you for the comment, Lisa.

  3. Javisst…nu vill jag dit:) Det är inte bra för mig att kika in hos dig:):)…jag som alltid vill iväg, igen och igen:)
    Jag hinner inte “hem” innan jag planerar nästa resa, ibland lång, men för det mesta kort, då jag ständigt förflyttar mig mellan mina två hem i “lilla” Sverige.
    On the road again gäller alltid för mig…och i högsta grad för dig!
    Alltid lika roligt att kika in här…inspirerande, uppmuntrande och härligt farligt:)

    1. Jeg håper farlig på en god måte. Det er i hvert fall slik jeg opplever å besøke din blog. Ja, vi har vist rastløshet i våre blodårer. Jeg føler meg som mest hjemme “on the road”. Takk for dine ord, Gertie.

  4. I love posts like this, OTTO. It feels like travelling back in time for me. I am unable to travel now due to a health condition. I love that I can do a bit of virtual travelling with you and your fabulous photos.

    1. That is mist from the river, where the temperature of the water is close to the boiling point. Shamanistic states of mine? Yes, it can be scary, but more than anything for me it’s fascinating.

  5. Some time ago I watched an documentary about a shamanistic center in the Amazon and it may be the same, or at least offering a similar experience. What an amazing opportunity for you, Otto. The photos are really vibrant and exciting, as well.

    1. I can’t say whether it was the same center or not as I haven’t seen the documentary. But of course, there are quite a few place around in the Amazon. Thank you for your comment, Debra.

  6. The second photo conveys a sense of the primordial: a world not only outside of time, but before time. From a comment or two, I have a sense that you allowed all of your senses to be engaged on this trip: natural enough, given the setting.

    I enjoyed looking through some of the sites that are promoted online. I laughed at one that advised, “If you wish to come to the Shamanistic center in order to cross the experience off your “bucket list,” please delay your visit until you’re mature enough to appreciate it for what it is.”

  7. This was clearly an .in depth’ experience for you. The images and the written text complement each other quite beautifully and communicate your personal response to a very different culture.

  8. Look like an amazing place to experience.. Living in such environment and with the way the people live their lives there, the knowledge of the nature as such is essential as much as (or even more so) we depend on modern technologies.

    Great capture of the place!!

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