Into the Jungle

Gateliv i gamlebyen

I am off to Peru for a couple of weeks. This time it’s a trip out of the ordinary, to the upper Amazonian valley. From the town of Pucallpa we will go by car, boat and then hike in to what is suppose to be a lovely sanctuary run by Indians. When I stay there, I will have no access to electricity, internet (of course when there is no electricity) or cell phone connection. This means, I will not be able to stay in contact with you dear readers for the next 10 days. However, I will be back – as the actor famously said long time ago (and he is doing a comeback these days, by the way). When I am done here in Peru, I will go straight to Cuba to teach my next photo workshop. So for now, I will leave you with a photo from Cuba. See you again over there.


59 thoughts on “Into the Jungle

  1. I wish you a safe trip, Otto. Give my regards to Pucallpa – I was there in 1980… Besides so many travel details that have almast fallen into oblivion, I do vividly remember that it was there where I first heard the music of Raul Garcia Zarathe and brought a Vinyl LP all the way back to Germany.

  2. At the moment ,Otto, you are probably on your very special trip in Peru and I am most courious to read what you have to tell your reader when you come back or to learn from your pictures. I wish you all the best.:)

  3. The longer I”m immersed in that kind of environment, the harder it is to reconcile back to that ‘urban’ life. I loved both posts and am about to return to the property… glad you enjoyed your trip and have fun in your beloved cuba!

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