Another Challenge – The Pictures

The second challenge I posted three weeks ago resulted in some amazing and quite different pictures compared to what we usually see from the photographers participating in the challenge. Which of course was the whole point with the challenge. The photos submitted to the challenge show the playfulness and willingness to go beyond conventions by the participating photographer. Once again, I really enjoyed them all for different and often surprising reasons. And I think for the photographers it was both a hard challenge, but also liberating.

The challenge this time was to photograph any subject of your liking, but in so doing, trying to break as many of the regular «rules» that often govern the photographic aesthetics, as possible. I listed ten «rules» that recur often. Of course there aren’t really any rules we have to obey, on the contrary, but over the centuries of image making – first through the development of painting and then photography – some compositional and technical guidelines, as I’d rather see them, has come to the aid of in particular beginning photographers (and artists in general).

The ten rules I listed when I posted the challenge was these:
1) Focus on the centre of interest.
2) Fill the frame with the subject.
3) Do not shoot between 10 am and 3 pm (the light is too harsh).
4) Don’t shoot against the light.
5) Hold the camera steady.
6) Follow the rule of third, e.g. 1/3 sky and 2/3 land or vice versa.
7) Obey the light meter.
8) Photograph children (or pets) at their own eye level.
9) Avoid lens flare when shooting against the sun.
10) Keep the camera level with the horizon.

So, the challenge was to break as many of the «rules» as possible. The ultimate response would of course be to make a photo that broke all ten of them. I knew that would be almost impossible, and indeed nobody came that far. But all in all I think you came up with some very interesting results, definitely breaking a number of the «rules».

Once again, I don’t want to comment each photo, but let them stand on their own. However, you dear ready, may feel free to comment as much as you want. I look forward to reading your response to the photos.

For the photographers who submitted photos. Thank you very much for participating in the challenge.

The photos are shown in the order they were posted.


                       © Robert K. Rehmann


                       © Linda Leinen


                       © ”The Snap Shot Siren”


                       © Elaine ”Totally Like Me”


                       © Chris Breebaart


                       © Mary Hone



                       © Linda Jeffers


                       © Patrizia Mezzogori



                       © Bill Benzon


                       © Lee Cleland


                       © Marie ”The New 3Rs”

IMG_8547 Breaking rueles

                       © Monica Amberger



                       © Ann-Christine ”Leya”


37 thoughts on “Another Challenge – The Pictures

  1. This was great fun, Otto! Thank you for always being inspiring! If I may ask something? Love them all here, but impossible to figure out what kind of machine is chasing a person in the first one?

  2. What a fun challenge, Otto, and a great collection of photos to go with it. I wish I hadn’t gotten so far behind in blogging that I missed this. Hopefully I’ll catch the next one, but I might go out and see if I can intentionally break some of those rules just for fun.

  3. This was a great challenge Otto – it made me really think about what effects can be achieved by not following convention. I particularly like the Chris Breebaart black and white shot in the rain ( well done Chris) but others are fascinating too. I really enjoy observing the work of others.

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