A Challenge – The Pictures

Three weeks ago I offered my first ever challenge to you, my readers. The challenge was to go out there, photograph and create photos where the subject is not what is seems to be. I wanted you to take a photo where the viewer will see something different and surprising. As I wrote, the point was to astound us and make us see beyond the obvious.

When I now look at the various results now, I think they are all fun and definitely answering to the challenge – in different ways. Quite a few show faces seen in mother natures, some show the world quite differently compared to what we are used to – one literally upside-down. Some of the photos offers a multitude of interpretations, while others again show details, so close that the photo becomes a world within the world.

I don’t want to comment each of the pictures that has been uploaded and thus taken up on the challenge. I think they live by themselves. They stand on their own. However, you, dear ready, may comment of your hearts desire. I would love to hear what you see or what you think of these excellent photos..

And for those of you how participated in the challenge: Thank you so much. I really enjoy every single photo.

The photos are shown in the order they were posted to me.


                       © Patrizia Mezzogori

IMG_9286 Abstrakt spegling

                       © Monica Amberger




                       © Lawrence Paneo


                       © Lee Cleland


                       © Susan Licht


                       © Linda Leinen


                       © Chris Breebaart


                       © Sylvia “anotherdayinparadise”


                       © Monica Engell


                       © “Autopict”


55 thoughts on “A Challenge – The Pictures

  1. Some very creative images, seeing these helps me know that i’m not the only one see these types of images throughout my daily walk of life..


  2. Quite enjoyable to see everyone’s creativity.Will have to look at the photos that I took today and see what may show up.i tell you, Otto, it was sheer bliss to get out in nature and shoot again!

  3. I especially like the first, second, and second to last one, but all of them are wonderful. Thanks for giving people things to think about and a place for people to show the rest of us such remarkable images.

  4. Blev verkligen en kreativ och fin kollektion, mycket inspireradne och lärorika utmaningar, hoppas på fler framöver.
    Vill bara tillägga att under helgen skapades det en hel del bilder som inte följer regelboken, helt utan ansträngning. Rinnande vatten, lång slutartid och stark sol och så fotoglädje.

  5. Wow! Otto, you certainly got some amazing entries. All worthy of the challenge. I think my favourite is the first one. If I’m right it is a nostril of someone with a moustache. It makes me laugh because in the past couple of months I have been sending pictures of my nostrils to my youngest sister to cheer her up. It may sound weird but I was trying to figure out something outrageous to take her mind off stuff. She laughed so hard, so now I do it whenever I need to cheer her up.

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