New Dates for Cuba Workshop

Utsyn over den falleferdige hovedstaden

I am very pleased to announce that my photo workshop in Cuba, which was scheduled to run in September, has been moved to November. It’s by request from participants who have already signed up for the workshop. Some of them found out that the original dates didn’t work after all. The new dates are set to November 10th to 17th, with the workshop starting in Havana and ending there as well. In many ways November is a better time to visit Cuba, it’s less warm and in addition it seems to be a better time of the year for most people to take time off for a workshop. There are still spaces available and maybe the change of date will make it possible for you join, too.

The Cuba 2015 photo workshop is a great opportunity to discover this beautiful Caribbean island, its friendly people, the sensual rhythms of everyday life as well as the former colonial and African culture that still so much influence all life in Cuba. This workshop is directed to photographers of all levels, beginners to advanced professionals. Every day we will be out shooting the streets of first Havana, then Trinidad. Through lectures and daily picture critique the workshop will encourage expansion of visual ideas and production of photographs that go beyond points of view already established. I am teaching the workshop together with my colleague Sven Creutzmann.

For more information, please look up the site of Blue Hour Photo Workshops.


21 thoughts on “New Dates for Cuba Workshop

  1. I have always really enjoyed the photos and stories you share from your Cuba workshop participants. I’m sure this will be a wonderful experience for the photographers. I will be ready on this end! 🙂

  2. The thought of attending this workshop almost made me lightheaded. I’m happy you shared the information on The Blue Hour Photo Workshops, something I will be interested in doing someday in the future, maybe with a friend. Nice to have something to dream about!

  3. And the dream still lives within me to visit this great place ~ just still do not know when. Great to see temptation such as this workshop, and the great work you do.

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