Last Week’s Instagram

West Point Lighthouse ytterst i Discovery Park

I am back from a fantastic trip in and around the four northwestern-most States of USA; Washington, Oregon, Ohio and Montana. I will get back with some pictures from the trip in a later post. Now it’s really time for my weekly showcase of an Instagram photo. As I hardly had any internet access in the mountain areas, no Instagrams were uploaded last week, though, so this one is from the week before. As usual the picture is displayed without any comments, hoping it will stand on its own. But still, as always, I very much appreciate any comments you may have.


60 thoughts on “Last Week’s Instagram

  1. It’s a very beautiful photo. Perfect composition and the colors are stunning. I was wondering how dramatic it could look like if converted to black and white. Have you tried it?

  2. I rather like this Instagram, Otto…lovely light. I’m intrigued to see images from your USA trip – and what drew you to Washington, Oregon, Ohio and Montana? A particular landscape, light….?

    1. Oh, there are many reasons for choosing those states in the Northwest corner of USA. Firstly my love one lives in Washington, so the three other states are kind of close by. In addition nature is gorgeous and wild in this area, mountainous and lush. 🙂

  3. I believe you’ve played a little trick on us here, and I smiled to see it. I’m not sure that lighthouse’s “light” will do much good at midnight! It’s a wonderful photo — science and nature complementing one another very nicely!

    1. I never do any HDR, but I did darken the sky, so that’s the reason for the halo around the building. If I would have done it in Photoshop, I could have made a more precise mask. Thank you for commenting.

  4. I like the lighting and the people suggest it is of historical significance or a landmark. Thought at first that it was the sun setting but may be a light from a lighthouse..

  5. I’m intrigued by the two-tone brown sky. When I lived in BC, you might see that as a result of nearby forest fires. The NW US is about the right area to see that too.

  6. I would love to have a vocabulary for photography that would provide me greater range in giving you my impressions. I think sometimes I’m reduced to telling you how beautiful your photos are, and this again, is stunning! I love the tones in the sky and I feel that it is a sunrise, but it may not be! I’ll look forward to your photos from your recent travels. You traveled some distance even within the United States. I hope you enjoyed yourself. 🙂

    1. I think you are doing fine when talking about photography. It’s not easy to convert impressions from images into words, is it. :-). Thank you once again for the nice words, Debra. Much appreciated.

  7. are you really taking those with your phone? i’m still waiting to pick up my iPhone… coz it really is a lovely pic and hard for me to believe it came from a phone!!! oh and welcome home, please comment on a zillion pictures now you’re running behind hahahha

    1. Cell phones can take excellent photos, particularly in good light. Part of the result of what you see here is due to the processing in various apps, such as Snapseed and Instagram – also done on the cell phone. By now I hope you have been able to try your iPhone?!

  8. Looking forward to more of the Pacific Northwest. But, er, ah, I think you’ve made a very “American” misake. Ohio is in the eastern USA, or some would say the midwest. “Idaho” is generally considered a Pacific Northwest state, although the southern part of the state doesn’t look very northwest. 😉 That’s okay. You move around a lot and you are entitled to making small geographical mistakes…especially for a country in which you do not live. It’s when Americans make this error, that I get a little testy. 😉

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