You Are All So Good!


We have come to the final set of photos for this round of Picture Critique. Today I wrote the last feedback for the pictures that you have submitted for picture critique. And I must say I am really impressed. As I wrote a couple of weeks ago while still in the middle of this round, it’s been a real pleasure to go through the submitted images. I have seen anything from landscapes to street photos, from straightforward to quite complicated images, from cold to warm, from black and white to saturated colour photos. The level of creativity, and willingness to explore photography as a media, has amazed me – as have the quality of your photos. It’s always easy to give critique when I feel the photographer have pushed himself or herself into doing his or her best. So I really feel privileged to have been allowed to give my openhearted thoughts about your photos – and I hope you feel it’s been valuable, not only for those of you who submitted photos, but for all who have followed and read the critique. Even if you didn’t submit any photos you can still see the many photos and my feedback on my Picture Critique page. And for those of you who didn’t make it this round, I will be back again with a new round of Picture Critique. Right now I don’t know when, but it will happen as soon as I find time to do it again. That’s a promise.

Now I will log off complete for the next ten days. I will tour the north-westernmost states of USA, go hiking and just explore the country. See you in a little more than a week from now. Enjoy the summer and take many wonderful photos!

55 thoughts on “You Are All So Good!

  1. Great photos, quite impressive work indeed!
    Wishing you happy holidays and a lovely summer, Otto!
    Safe travels, Dina x

  2. We are pretty good, aren’t we? And, thanks to you, we’re all going to be better! Now, get out there and enjoy the world. Isn’t it funny that we plug in our devices to recharge them, but need to unplug ourselves to be recharged? Happy travels.

  3. Otto, you are so generous of heart and spirit to share your knowledge and expertise. Perhaps next round I’ll get brave enough to submit an image. Have a wonderful trip! We’ll be looking forward to your return.

  4. Thank you Otto for this picture critique, I learnt as much from reading everyone elses critique as my own. Enjoy your summer break.

  5. thank you for your great critiques!! i didn’t want to submit before, because criticism would have done me in, but you have been beautiful to me!!! i hope you have a nice time during your walk about, and bring us back lovely pictures and thoughts 🙂 i know you will

    1. I am very happy I am able to critique pictures in a way that doesn’t bring down the photographer. That would certainly defy the whole purpose. Thank you for the lovely words, Elain.

  6. Thank you so much Otto, for your reflections on my image. And I am really very sorry, that I made it so very complicated for you to choose an image from my entire blog. I have to say, after I posted my request to you, I felt really bad to have taken on to you such a difficult task, to choose. Yet I am humbled that you still responded, therefore I loved your critique on my image and fully understood your comment. Again than you so much and wish you an inspiring photography trip, where ever your lens and your vision will take you.

    1. No need to feel bad about it, it was fun to look at your photos, but just a little hard to pick the “right” one. But I am glad the critique finally made sense for you. Thank you for the lovely words, Cornelia.

  7. Thanks so much for the critique of my photo, Otto. I really do appreciate it, and it gives me a few things to strive for and do. I’m taking care of my husband who is ill, and had not been able to respond to you. My apologies. Happy hiking!

    1. No need to apologize. I am just glad you feel like the critique has been useful for you. I hope you husband has recovered by now. A belated thank you for the nice words, Angeline.

  8. Amazing images! Thanks so much for sharing your expertise to us, Otto. I did not submit any images, but I can still learn from your comments to other photographers. Thanks again!

  9. Stort TACK för denna så värdefulla omgång Otto. Väl genomfört som alltid. Kommer absolut att återkomma till dessa utvärderingar emellanåt.
    Bästa hälsningar

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