An Olympic Weekend

Solen går ned i Stillhavet

Den frodige, tempererte regnskog ved Hoh

Klippekysten ved Ruby Beach

Den frodige, tempererte regnskog ved Hoh

Solen går ned i Stillhavet

Getting away from everyday’s routines is always a boost. I was able to spend the weekend along the Pacific coast of the Olympic peninsular, Washington state, USA. While the weather only a few miles inland was sunny, bright and summer-like, we had wet fog, chilly temperatures and even some rain out there on the coast. But it didn’t matter. We enjoy just being outside and feeling close to the elements, hiking, paddling and, yes, of course, photographing. And after all, when we are visiting a rain forest – albeit a temperate rain forest way up north – what could we expect? In addition, when every evening, we were blessed with some spectacular sunsets; who needs sun during daytime…

65 thoughts on “An Olympic Weekend

  1. What a wonderful way to get away from everything 🙂
    Love those pictures with the mossy trees and the
    gorgeous sunsets 🙂
    In summer I prefer the sun in the evening – but in
    winter I would love to have it all day long 😀

    Have a great time!
    Tinna ✐

    PS: My photos are hidden under the drawing 😉

  2. Like the perspective of the small figures in the large space in the sunset shots and the paler tints which are so pretty.. Those trees are amazing!Love the green-it FEELS wet!

  3. My envy of you right now is high ~ what a great set of photos, in what many consider to be one of the most magical places on Earth. Wonderful and enjoy ~

  4. That part of our West Coast is an apt location to appreciate slowing down and enjoying your family and nature. My favorite of your set is the individual walking the shoreline, which is almost monochromatic, giving it another layer of calm and peace.

  5. These pictures are very different from those I normally associate with your day job! They convey a wonderful sense space, quiet and freedom from the demands of routine. I’m sure the experience is most therapeutic. You should do it more often Otto!!

  6. An excellent showcase of one of our most beautiful treasures, the PNW. Excellent use of perspective and tonal qualities in that third shot! Looks like relaxing agreed with y’all 🙂

  7. A really wonderful series of nature images, Otto.The two forest scenes have lovely greens, and the others have such an expansive look to them.

  8. I’ve never been to the Pacific Northwest, but I always enjoy seeing photographs of the area. I especially like the way you’ve arranged your set: bracketing the middle photo of the lone individual with two photos of trees, and two of sun and water. It seems to convey a sense of nature embracing the people who’ve come to enjoy her gifts. Very nice.

  9. Beautiful pictures..definitely breaking from the routine to meet the nature’s treasures like these would help. I just had one break from a normal grind this week. I am still feeling the effect and things around you look beautifully different. I hope it lasts.

  10. Gorgeous shots. Spectacular boiling sunset.

    I want, so badly, to get down to the southern US to photograph cypresses or oaks with Spanish moss hanging from them. I know that it’s been done before but I want to do it my way.

  11. Well Sir, I just wish I had words for your artistry. Its just beyond all I know. You are an absolute charmer and I can very well understand the meticulous commitment that should go behind such a remarkable array of talent summed up in all these moments of precision that your lenses have brought to life. All those long hours waiting tirelessly and reckless wandering in the countryside, seaside, forests, streets, swamps and what not very well justifies the grandeur of your proud collection.

    GET ME AT:

  12. You captured the beauty of the Pacific Northwest so perfectly, Otto. I just love those trees! Well, I love the sky and the ocean as well. Just beautiful. You chose a perfect place to visit accompanied by your camera! 🙂

  13. Who indeed? You’re in my favorite stomping grounds here, and I really like how you captured them. I’m relieved to hear there is still fog and rain out there…I’ve heard worrying weather stories of record heat and less fog that could really unravel the ecosystem.

    1. Unfortunately I think the ecosystem has been destabilized in later years. Hopefully it will not be to late to make important changes. Thank you for the nice words of my take on your stomping ground.

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