Last Week of Picture Critique


I am almost adjourned with the photos submitted to my Picture Critique page, only two or three remains of what have been presented this far. As I wrote last week, it’s been a fun experience and a privilege to be allowed to view and present my opinion about the many photos. I would like to stress that what I write is of course exactly that; only my opinion. If you disagree, nothing is better than that, particularly if you put it down as a comment for further discussion. My point about doing this is to create awareness about the process and encourage intention in the creation of images. If you disagree and are able to put it down in words, you have already come a long way in this awareness. In addition we can all learn from each other and the different ways we see things. As Helen pointed in one of the comments, it’s not always easy to have full awareness of the subject, background, any movements present and the camera’s settings. But becoming aware of what you want is the first step towards getting it. The rest comes with practise and being attentive during the actually shooting process. One more thing: This is not a competition. Don’t hold yourself back with a picture you would like to have feedback on, just because you think it’s not good enough. If you know it’s a good photograph you probably don’t need my opinion, but the more you feel uncertain about its qualities, the more you can maybe learn from someone else’s feedback. So put it on. I have decided to let the Picture Critique be open for one more week. By the end of next weekend I will close down the page – until next time of course. So if you have any photo you could want somebody else’s opinion about, then now is the time. Only one more week! Go to my Picture Critique page and submit a link to the photo.


15 thoughts on “Last Week of Picture Critique

  1. Sono contenta di aver messo una mia foto, il tuo parere per me è molto importante e ti ringrazio per questa bellissima iniziativa e per il tempo che ci dedichi!!
    Ciao, Patrizia

  2. Ho letto il tuo parere sulla mia foto, ti ringrazio per i consigli di cui farò prezioso tesoro. Ho scelto di farti esaminare proprio quella foto perché è stata scelta per farne un quadro da esporre in una mostra di fotografi dilettanti. Il consiglio di tagliare la foto per mettere la barca più a destra mi ha fatto molto piacere, infatti l’ho applicato prima di consegnarla per l’ingrandimento.
    Grazie di tutto, è stato un vero piacere. Saluti, Patrizia

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