A Dog’s Life

© Meg Greene Malvasi
© Meg Greene Malvasi
© Meg Greene Malvasi
© Meg Greene Malvasi
© Meg Greene Malvasi
© Meg Greene Malvasi
© Meg Greene Malvasi
© Meg Greene Malvasi
© Meg Greene Malvasi
© Meg Greene Malvasi

For her personal photo project during the eWorkshop «Finding Your Photographic Voice» Meg Greene Malvasi decided to go ahead and do a photographic study on the dog Hubble. As she wrote in the description of the project, Hubble has been a hard dog to break through to as he suffers from PTSD, after clearly having been abused in his early life. Meg found Hubble in a ditch a little over two years ago. He was obviously ready to give up and die. Interestingly enough Meg photographing Hubble has helped him with his confidence. Meg decided to approach the project for the workshop along two paths. One was more of a documentary approach while the other was a more formal studio set-up kind of photography. The two approaches award the viewer more depth and more layers in understanding Hubble and in revealing his complex character. We see his playful character but also his innate shyness. We see him drawn between wanting to burst out of his shell and wanting to withdraw from the danger of the world surrounding him. Meg’s use of different styles and approaches show the many faces of Hubble. She captures his personality with a gentle expression and with absolute respect. Her decision to go with of black and white for the documentary photos and colour for the set-ups adds dimensions to the portrayal of Hubble. Meg uses framing and various techniques to tell the story of Hubble – and she does so beautifully, purposefully, playfully and gracefully. For more of Meg’s photography, please look up her blog Little Dogs Laughed.

62 thoughts on “A Dog’s Life

  1. I’m not even a “dog person” (as they say) and I find these images, and this pup, so appealing. They make me want to give him a bone, or take him for a walk.

    Now, I need to visit Meg’s blog to see if her blog title is rooted where I think it is: in one of my childhood favorites. “Hey, diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle, the cow jumped over the moon. The little dog laughed to see such sport, and the dish ran away with the spoon.”

  2. Very very nice works of Meg. I love her composition and choices of color to bring the life to the pictures. She has achieved her goal of documentary as well as artistic representation. Hubble isn’t a dog to me.

  3. in the first image, his posture suggests that he’s on his best behavior and is a little teased about the attention. the final one suggests that if he sits really still, there’s a doggy treat waiting. great portraits of trust!

  4. These are just awesome ~ the spirit of our canine friends are perfectly evident in these photos. They bring a smile to my face, very well done.

  5. this is just what i needed today, i have severe PTSD too, and ironically it’s my dog that has kept me around so long…. this makes me want to cry, and hug Hubble

  6. Meg and Hubble are fortunate to have found each other. The images definitely tell the story. Separating the documentary from the set-up by using black & white versus colour was a brilliant choice and adds much to the voice of the images.

  7. Have been following Meg’s work since quite some time. And I love what I see on her blog. For me the most fascinating aspect is how she translates the amazing bond she shares with Jack Henry, Hubble and Ana into her photographs and how the trio seems to be more than willing to participate in her photographic process. Thank you Otto for sharing Meg’s work here. 🙂

  8. A nice manner to translate dog’s life !! which seems very pleasant to me – Extra this topic, a lot of humor

  9. These are great! Kudos to Meg for bringing Hubble into her heart and her life. I love this photo essay. I find it interesting that all but one image are black & white. But oh, that one colorful image is such a great cover shot! I think you really described very well the personality that Meg coaxed from Hubble in this series.

    1. Of course the fact that only one image is black and white comes down to my editing for the post. In Meg’s project she created many excellent colour image of this set-up kind of style. Thank you for the comment, Linda.

  10. These are absolutely wonderful, and they do indeed tell a story. I love the first one – it’s such a tender image. And the last one, with that wonderful expression on Hubble’s face, made my laugh out loud. Thank you for sharing these, Otto.

  11. The story of how Meg helped Hubble is so sweet. My respect to Meg. I really like her photography as well – a wonderful collaboration art of a pet with his human 🙂 Thank you for sharing her work, I will follow her blog for sure!

  12. I just love these photos! What a fantastic subject–Hubble! The backstory on this special dog really endears him to me, and as well, Meg has a good heart to take in such a needy rescue. Her sensitivity comes through in the way the shots are framed. This is a wonderful photo compilation! I really love each photo, but Hubble in the bathtub is a winner! 🙂

  13. Molto bella questa serie di foto, amo molto le fotografie di animali e Meg è stata veramente bravissima. Complimenti a Meg e grazie per avercela fatta conoscere!

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