The Colours of Spring

Blåregn i Pats hage

Tulipaner i Pats hage

Tulipaner i Pats hage

En tulip i Pats hage


Tulipaner i Pats hage

Blåklokker i Pats hage

This next week is going to be quite crazy for me. I don’t think I will be able to stay much on the blog sphere and keep the contact. But I promise I will soon be back. On Tuesday I will fly out from Seattle to go to Oslo to teach a seminar for the NGO Norwegian Refugee Council. The organization has invited press and information officers from their offices all over the world. My good colleague and friend Øystein Mikalsen (with whom I often work together with – and do the blog Untold Stories together with) and I will be teaching the art of storytelling with words, still photos and video. Then on Saturday I will head back to Seattle – only to fly back to Bergen, Norway the week after that again. I said crazy, didn’t I?! Anyway I want to leave you with a handful of more spring pictures taken in the same spirit as the post I wrote last week. I have just continued being playful and having fun.

102 thoughts on “The Colours of Spring

  1. Lekfullt precis som våren själv och du reser tillsammans med flyttfåglarna, ser jag:)
    Önskar dig fina dagar i vackra Norge och lycka till med din/er undervisning!

  2. Very artistic, and so inspirational – thank you! Makes me want to try the same kind of thing, the effect is just so beautiful.

  3. Så härliga, vackra, färgsprakande och livfulla billder Otto, befriande och inspirerande.
    Tusen, tusen tack för dina fina kommentarer.
    Önskar dig/er Lycka till med undervisningen och ser fram emot nästa inlägg.

  4. Beautiful photos for my Spring-starved eyes. Today in Montreal it is going up to 20 celcius, the warmest day since last year! Bon voyage and looking forward to seeing you back.

  5. Otto, your images are wonderful! They put a great big silly smile on my face from ear to ear. I must say, I needed that. Hopefully, I will be caught up on some of your posts by the time you return. Safe travels, My Friend. 🙂

  6. Safe travels, Otto. The photos are marvelous: similar technique, but quite different results. They’re as much fun to look at as I suspect they were to capture.

  7. I am duly impressed with your schedule, Otto, and I hope that this outstanding opportunity is very productive. I am sure this is going to be a very important and meaningful experience for you and for the others involved. I’ll look forward to what you’ll be sharing with us as a result!

  8. oh my, I’m tired after reading your schedule! Enjoy and safe travels. Phenomenal images, a brilliant take on spring and what a gorgeous array of color!

  9. You really have a lot of energy, Otto, and I am more and more thankful for all your precious time you put at disposal for your community showing marvellous pictures like these, which somehow transport me into another world.

  10. Hope your trip goes well! Oh my, attending that seminar would be a dream come true for me: “the art of storytelling with words, still photos and video.” Perhaps someday. I hope the people who do attend realize the amazing opportunity they have!

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