© Kristina Eriksson

© Kristina Eriksson

© Kristina Eriksson

© Kristina Eriksson

© Kristina Eriksson

© Kristina Eriksson

© Kristina Eriksson

© Kristina Eriksson

© Kristina Eriksson

© Kristina Eriksson

Last week I finished another round of the eWorkshop «Finding Your Photographic Voice» and once again I was very impressed by the level of commitment and not the least the final result. For the last four weeks the participants were working on a personal photo project, and they were all able to show some incredible images captured during those weeks. In the next couple of weeks I will present a small edit of each of these personal photo projects, and first out is Kristina Eriksson.

For her personal project she chose to work on the theme she called «Come to Stillness». This is going to be part of a larger body of work that Kristina is compiling to a book she is planning to publish not too long in the future. Her idea is to combine her photographs each with a haiku poem. The images she captured show a broad range of subjects, from people to landscape to details. It was particularly the latter that caught my attention. Kristina has a special ability to capture those small details and moments in nature that holds stillness and contemplation in their simplicity. Just looking at them makes your mind come to stillness. There is a transcending tranquillity radiating from those images, as if nothing but peace and stillness and serenity ever exist. It’s possible to spend time with each of her photographs and just sink in and become part of that peacefulness. For more of Kristina’s work, please look up her blog Kristinas bilder.


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85 Responses to Stillness

  1. paula graham says:

    I just LOVE the first WELL seen, so simple, works so well. Must add, I like all the photos as well. Interesting project to do.

  2. I like these photos a lot – I love the idea of capturing stillness in our hurried world.

  3. Mary says:

    These are wonderful. She has a great eye, and I bet the book will be fantastic.

  4. How beautiful. I especially appreciate communing with the squirrel in the last image. Kudos!

  5. Beautiful, the first one is my favorite

  6. Sue says:

    Lovely captures of stillness….a marvellous antidote to our manic world.

  7. Dalo 2013 says:

    Wow, great creativity with these shots ~ thinking about angles and perspective, really incredible and beautiful work.

  8. Very nice work indeed. I’m particularly drawn to the 3rd one from the top – I find it to be very peaceful and calming.

  9. YellowCable says:

    She has good photographic eyes to see things at the conceptual level and capture them. The first 3 pictures are just that and she just did that so well. The last picture is different level more of natural but it is nevertheless engaging – you stop along with the squirrel stops at the same moment.

  10. Elaine- says:

    when i see awesome work like this it really really begs me to take up close up photography… i don’t know why i never do it, because i love work like this so much!!!

  11. Beautiful contemplative images of stillness in nature by Kristina. Inspiring! 🙂

  12. Rajiv says:

    Fantastic work

  13. I don’t have a lot to say beyond “wow!” I am really drawn in to these photos and think Kristina has an amazing eye! I love the theme of “Stillness.”

  14. lindajeffers says:

    I was impressed with Kristina’s first image. Then scrolling down, the next image was just as interesting if not more so. And each photo there after stayed true to her theme. She HAS a theme! She shoots for a theme. She is focused and it shows. I learned a lot about myself viewing her captivating, thought provoking images. And….what a great idea to write haiku poem with each photo she publishes in her book. I can tell from her commitment and excellence with her photo assignment with your class she WILL publish that book, real soon. How many times do I say I should publish some of my work. I never make the time. Photos sit on my hard drive. It’s sad I don’t make my time, effort and love of photography more a priority. Life is too short. So again, thanks Otto and Kristina for the wake up call!

    • I see the same devotion in Kristina’s work as you do, so, yes, I absolutely believe she will soon publish her book. As for what you write about yourself, I am also one who has often said to myself that I will get this work published or exhibited, but in the end don’t make the time for it to happen. Time to change. 🙂

  15. monica amberger says:

    Stämningsfullt, konstnärligt och mycket väl fotograferat och en strålande ide att göra en bok med haiku poem. Har följt Kristinas blogg sedan jag började fota och hon är en inspirationskälla för mig. Boken vill jag absolut ta del av och du har gjort en fin och innehållsrik presentation Otto.
    Tack till er båda.

  16. Alli Farkas says:

    You really do have to be “looking” if you’re going to find this kind of subject matter. It’s a challenge to “look” past the everyday and find the gorgeous tiny details.

  17. Wonderful photos! Good job Kristina. I like your last post too. All so very true.

  18. Her work evokes calm, contemplation and tranquility. Each image fits so well into her theme. Thanks for the introduction to her work.

  19. I wanted to send Kristina the following words but didn’t succeed:Es ist eine Wohltat deine Bilder zu betrachten und die Ruhe zu geniessen, die diese ausstrahlen. Danke. PS. Leider kann ich deine Sprache (Finnisch?) nicht!
    It’s wonderful, dear Otto, to be able to show your students their road and feel happy about their achievement. My compliments:)

  20. Love Kristina’s photos.Your title is perfect, Otto.

  21. Truels says:

    Kristinas photos are very fine. My friend, Birgit, is also writing haiku poems and shooting photos – she has written two fine books in this way: Ballehage Strandhaiku ( ) and Brabrand Stihaiku ( ). Maybe Kristina could be inspired here?!

  22. schuttzie says:

    Oh, my goodness, these photos are fantastic!

  23. shoreacres says:

    I suspect that a vast pool of patience underlies these photos. To capture the quality of stillness in nature, it is necessary that we, ourselves, be willing to be still. It certainly gives the phrase “still photography” a new and deeper meaning.

    • That’s a good one. And of course you are right about stillness. But so it is for any photography. If you want to convey a specific feeling through your work, you will need to be there yourself. Thank you for the thoughtful comment, Linda.

  24. lauramacky says:

    What a great project. Stillness…something we all need more of I am guessing. I’m in love with that third shot. Such simplicity but at the same time depth. Beautiful photos, thank you for sharing.

  25. Those first two would make really cool fantasy material. Nice pics.

  26. Patrizia M. says:

    Bellissime foto, complimenti a Kristina e grazie a te Otto, per avercela fatta conoscere!!
    Saluti, Patrizia

  27. elisa ruland says:

    Thank you for sharing Kristina’s peaceful portfolio, her photography is beautiful.

  28. Susan says:

    oh what beautiful work! So lovely and calming and I love how she has captured such wonderful detail that many others may overlook. Thank you for introducing her to us.

  29. Vicki says:

    Superb images Otto.
    I love Kristinas’ subject and style of photography.

    Interestingly enough, I have a similar image to the first one, (minus the bubbles), in one of my own photo folders.

    I am learning so much while viewing other photographer’s way of seeing the world around them through your presentations.

  30. Kristina has such an amazing eye for details. Splendid work.

  31. Thank you so much all of you for your kind comments. .was so glad for it . I’m writing and maskingevär pictures for the book all fre time and the projekt is going well. And to Otto: stort tack för all inspiration o en mycket givande kurs!

  32. Not maskingevär! The computer writes himself. Shall bee: making !😝

  33. Andrew says:

    These are all extremely beautiful images. Thanks for showing them.

  34. Transcendent tranquillity~I love that.

  35. themofman says:

    In combing through her blog, it’s clear that she’s an outdoor spirit.

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