The Workshop Experience






Attending a workshop is something that will boost your photographic confidence and joy. It’s an intense experience where your get to focus completely on your photography, immerse yourself into the photographic process, develop your photographic voice and learn more than books or internet ever will be able to do. In addition you become part of a supportive community that back you up and give of themselves during the workshop. It’s just such a difference experience.

I have attended many photo workshops myself with leading photographers who not only are very skilled and renowned in the photo community but also excellent teachers. I have as well attended workshops with lesser know photographers who often give that little extra that the big canons don’t possess. No matter who and what, any of the workshops I have attended have always given me another stepping stone in becoming more skilled or more developed in my photographic approach.

Of course as one who teaches workshops myself, I also try to take out the best from each workshop I attend to deploy in my own teaching. Not that I copy other photographers, but I notice what works and what makes student more susceptible to learning. Good ideas of teaching are always possible to improve upon.

The workshop experience is by far one of the best ways to boost your photography. First of all because you assign yourself and your time completely to the photographic process for a period of time, something you don’t usually will be able to do. In addition it’s the whole workshop setting that caters to learning and to deeper your understanding. It’s such a concentrated and energetic event.

I truly recommend attending workshops – whether it’s one of mine or somebody else’s. It’s worth the money and it’s worth the time – if you can allocate both.

The autumn coming up I am teaching two workshops, one in Cuba and one in Spain. With the opening diplomatic contacts between USA and Cuba, I hope it will even be possible for US citizen to attend the Cuba workshop if they so wish. My two workshops are:

• «Cuba in Essence», September 5th to 12th 2015, is a workshop that takes you to the bustling capital Havana as well as to the lovely, colonial town of Trinidad. For more info.

• «Street Photography in Villajoyosa, Spain», November 8th to 14th 2015, is a workshop that takes place in a pleasant, old town where houses perch side by side, painted in all the most saturated colours you can imagine in the colour wheel. For more info.


40 thoughts on “The Workshop Experience

  1. You are so right about a photography workshop being an immersive experience. The knowledge and improvement learnt at these can move your photography in new directions and with a stronger cohesive feel plus it is lovely to mix with like minded people daily and see what they see in the same area that you miss.

  2. I also think not only learning from the teacher but perhaps having a change to exchange ideas with the attendees as well. I think is also feeling good to be with liked mind people.

    BTW, I like your pictures here about a photographer taking picture of others. I always like taking pictures of them too for some reason.

  3. In my mind’s eye I’m taking a photo of the woman against the blue wall taking a photo and that bike in the foreground….it’s contagious:) I hope one day, Otto, I can get to one of your workshops.

  4. Would love to join you and your tutees in Cuba but it’s during term time. Will have to console myself with having joined the local camera club for now.

  5. Agree completely. A workshop provides an incredible atmosphere from being in a group of photographers who are passionate about what they are doing is invaluable, to the leader who is able to guide all these different minds into thinking of different ways of improvement. And the fun is then to go out and practice & create. Not only does one walk away with great shots, greater confidence but often with a new mentor as well. Cheers Otto ~ hope to see you one day soon on such an adventure!

  6. Your workshops sound amazing! How wonderful that you have these possibilities now of exploring a new paradise. I find it so exciting to photograph new places, people, and landscapes.

    1. It is indeed inspiring to visit new place. I have to admit, though, that even if Cuba is not a new place for me – I have visit it regularly for the last 25 years – it’s still very inspiring for me as a photographer.

  7. Otto, I just want to tell anyone reading this thread who may be thinking of attending one of your workshops that if your workshops are anything like your online courses, with your usual devoted attentiveness to each participant and respect for each one’s individuality, then they are well worth it. As for me personally, I couldn’t afford to attend a photo workshop if one were held in the next town — so, that’s the reason for my not putting my money where my mouth is.

  8. Cuba would be wonderful — so much unspoiled landscape for the artistic eye. I will definitely do a photography workshop whenever I retire. Right now, focusing on the novels is taking most of my leave days. Soon, Otto, soon. I promise.

  9. I was actually thinking about your September workshop when my wife and I were in Cuba last April, and wishing that my timing was better to be able to attend it.

  10. What you say all makes sense, Otto, especially when you consider the fact that photography is so often such a solitary undertaking.

    All the best for the next workshops.

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