A Different Perspective

© Ingunn Trones
© Ingunn Trones
© Ingunn Trones
© Ingunn Trones
© Ingunn Trones
© Ingunn Trones
© Ingunn Trones
© Ingunn Trones
© Ingunn Trones
© Ingunn Trones

Ingunn Trones has a very intuitive approach to her photography. The result is both surprising and startling. She sees the world in her on way, makes visual connections that are both expressive and stark. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a pig about to be weighed in a back alley or an overview of Havana by night, Ingunn are able to see – and create – images that others would have bypassed. She attended the photo workshop in Cuba I and my colleague and friend, Sven Creutzmann, taught last autumn. These photos showcased here are but a few of her lovely photos she took during the workshop, some captured in Havana and some captured in the beautiful, colonial town of Trinidad.

53 thoughts on “A Different Perspective

  1. Impressive images – I really like the last image, it tells story of the person and yet as well a mystery.. thank you for introducing Ingrunn Trones works to us!

  2. Havana Harbor and the Malecon do photograph beautifully. I’m most fond of the last photo, though. Not only has she captured the man with a directness not always seen, I enjoyed the juxtaposition of the old-fashioned scales and the calculator. It’s a nice symbol of the “making do” that’s so often a part of Cuban life.

  3. I like her way to make photographs, it’s honest 🙂
    The first two I like best and the last one I like
    because of that wonderful smile of that guy 😀
    No 🙂 Because of the great wall behind him with
    nice colours and the fruit with matching colours,
    that picture is “round”, no visible flaws for me to see.
    Have a great weekend

  4. Colourful, vibrant and different = standing out from the crowd. Well done, Ingrunn! (What a lovely name you have, never heard it before …)
    Best regards, Dina

  5. Mi piace moltissimo il suo modo di fotografare, così spontaneo e diretto. Veramente bravo complimenti a Ingrunn Trones!! E grazie a te caro Otto per avercelo fatto conoscere.
    Saluti, Patrizia

  6. Great description Otto ~ the last photo is a perfect example… Almost a perfect shot of something we see every day and walk past, but so worthy of capturing. Well done!

  7. I had never read these comments, until today – more than two years after the workshop. A perfect start of my last winter holiday😊. I see the pictures in a different light now because of the constructive feedback I got on the workshop, but still. Thank you all for commenting! Ingunn

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