Workshop Returning to Villajoyosa

Gamlebyen i Villajoyosa er en fargerik Kardemommeby

For the second time I am launching the one week photo workshop in Villajoyosa, Spain. I taught the workshop for the first time in spring last year. This time we return in the autumn when the temperatures are cool and just right.

Do you want to come along with me to the picturesque town of Villajoyosa? This town is such a lovely, little pearl. It’s a perfect place to participate in a photo workshop. The charming old town is like a dream for any photographer, life goes on as it always has, kids are playing in the narrow alleys, and fishermen talk about the weather, while older people sit outside following life as it unfolds throughout the labyrinth of streets. As always in my travel photo workshops the focus will be on the creative process and how you can develop your personal style and photographic vision.

Sounds interesting? Why don’t you come along? Last year’s workshop got excellent review from all participants. This is some of the feedback: «This was impressive, Otto.» «You consolidate and reinforces the role as my hero!» «Thank you for another fantastic workshop.»

You may find more information about the photo workshop «Street Photography in Villajoyousa» here.


39 thoughts on “Workshop Returning to Villajoyosa

  1. I am horribly looking for any and all reasons to go with you! I’m not a photographer by any means, but love, love, love your work… absolutely gorgeous! Truth be told, I was looking into going to Cuba with you…. Again, not a photographer at all…but a lover nonetheless! And now Spain? I’ll have to pick up a camera soon. 😉

      1. Not really. Maybe randomly. That’s why my Instagram page has about 4 pictures on it. Ha! I love looking at ART, but am not a photographer in the list bit… But, I will try and shoot a few pics this week on my phone — and maybe I’ll get the bug!

  2. I love this photo, Otto. The colors, the light, and the composition. I keep going back to study it more and more. The tile roof on the left leading the eye to the building set a little bit behind it and its tiled roof make it seem as one.

  3. Such a tempting proposition to me, too, Otto, but sadly I can’t commit to it. I’ve seen photos of Villajoyosa and it does look enchanting. The browns and ochre in your photo are wonderfully dramatic.
    Have a wonderful time! I know you will 🙂

  4. This sounds wonderful and I’ve enjoyed the portfolios of some of your students that you’ve shared in the past. While the timing doesn’t work for me perhaps one day….

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