A Tribute to a Season about to Vanish



Fra det flotte nedrennet ned fra Vassfjøra. Uppsete, Ulvik, Hordaland.


Nysnø og perfekte forhold opp mot Kvittingen


In my part of the world we are about to change seasons. Winter is slowly fading away while spring is already announcing its first coming. Whatever snow we have had is melting while the first flowers have already sprung out from winter’s hibernation. For me one is not better than the other, nevertheless spring brings with it both optimism and bliss. Days get longer, the temperature rises and life feels more laid-back. Still I wish we could have just a bit more winter. My winter has been disappointingly mild with a general lack of snow this season. Could we just have a couple of more really heavy snow falls – before spring takes over? Please? In the wake of more winter, I have made a little visual tribute to the season that never really came this year. At least not around me.


116 thoughts on “A Tribute to a Season about to Vanish

  1. Du er sprekere enn meg (for ikke å snakke om bedre fotograf) – jeg kan bare sitte her å beundre. Nydelige linjer, flater og det hele.

  2. That’s a great tribute, Otto! Beautiful shots of a tough and interesting terrain.

    It snowed mildly back at home where my parents live. I couldn’t visit them this winter, so had to be content by looking at the pictures. 🙂

  3. Yours is probably a voice in the minority. Especially in North-eastern US where they’ve had and still have a lot of snow and freezing cold temperatures 🙂 The images and tribute are lovely.
    I’ve seen next to no snow this winter, and I’ve missed it too. There’s something magical about it; isn’t there.

      1. Quite correct, Otto. Your readers in New York, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts would gladly have sent you lots of their snow. Actually I don’t mind the cold temperatures — I don’t like heat and humidity at all — but the snow has been too much. But I do love these photos you’ve posted!

  4. Fantastiske bilder, fra vårt vakre land! : ) Her på østlandet er vi bekymret for at snøen skal forsvinne før påske… ser dårlig ut også i fjellet!
    God ny uke til deg! : )

  5. Beautiful images of winter! My family and friends in the Midwest of the U.S. are tired of cold and snow and can’t wait for spring. Photographer’s however, have a different perspective!

  6. Bellissime foto! Very nice photographs! We also had a winter with not much snow, even on our side of the Alps. And in my town only one snowfall, just half a day. I was lucky enough to go out to take a few pics that day…

  7. Really beautiful! The blues, whites and grays are stunning. Some of yours remind me a bit of the desert pics I just posted – both majestic, vast, wavy landscapes! Of course we very rarely have snow in Houston – but compared to Dubai it’s been a very wet, cloudy and chilly winter. It’s exciting to see the new little budding flowers emerge.

  8. Still waiting for that first spring flower…tulips and daffodils are having a bit of a struggle under the approximately 1-1/2 feet of snow still on the ground. This week is supposed to be quite warm so perhaps most of it will melt away by week’s end. I would be so happy to ship the excess to you were that possible! I like a snow cover over winter’s brownness, but it’s wearing out its welcome.

  9. Aiaiaiai, dette er vakkert, Otto!!
    A wonderful tribute to our beloved winter. All photos are awesome, but I especially love the mood in the third one. We thought spring had arrived yesterday and did some work in the garden. Then frost came over night again … I like the fragile opening of spring, we are still clinging on to winter. Like you, I’d prefer to have more winter, more snow. Please! 🙂 When I grew up in Norway, winter used to last for 5-6 months and we had to wait for April to replace our winter boots with solid shoes.
    Loved post, we thoroughly enjoyed it.
    Dina & Co

    1. Did winter last for eight months and summer then about the same?… Both March and April can of course be quite unstable on our latitudes. Thank you for the thoughtful comment.

  10. Nydelig serie fra Gullfjellet, og jeg elsker landskapets delikate linjeføring…. og som deg… jeg liker vinteren, og skulle gjerne hatt den litt mer og litt lenger!
    Fin uke til deg:)

  11. Some wonderful photos, I like the first and the last best but all are beautifully taken and exposed. You certainly live in a fabulous part of the universe.

  12. Here was also just one day of snow, and that little
    bit didn’t even cover up the ground all the way. 😦
    I don’t need snow for many weeks, but one week
    of real snow AND sunshine would have done for me 😀
    But now, since the spring flowers are out and bringing
    some colour into my life, I don’t mind winter to leave
    for some months 🙂
    Love your pictures, they make me want to go there
    and join you on that trip 🙂
    Have a great week

  13. Beautiful photos! We have had the coldest winter in recorded history in my city of Montreal. I’d be happy to share some of it with you, if I could. Happy spring!

  14. Incredibly beautiful photos; I can understand why you would like a snowfall or two again to get a little more of that kind of beauty. It seems like my recent post is at the opposite end of the spectrum 🙂

  15. I know this stillness… the sparkle. I think winter is very different for those who ski– through the sparkle, gliding,. you’ve brought a moment of that bliss with this post (thank you!).
    To magical winter! Meredith

  16. What a wonderful series, Otto. You are not the first person whose blog indicated a mild winter. I think we have had a particularly mild summer (in comparison).

  17. Beautiful pictures of snow scenery. They invite everyone to be in touch with. I wish I could spare the winter snow to your side for a day or two. Nevertheless, I am hoping you get beautiful spring coming.

  18. Each of the photos has something to commend it,but the fourth and fifth, particularly, remind me of a line from a poem by Muriel Strode, published in August 1903. She says:

    “I will not follow where the path may lead, but I will go where there is no path, and I will leave a trail.”

    In that sense, at least, your photos are terrific visual metaphors for some of the lessons in your prior posts.

  19. I agree with you, Otto, as I had also wished for a few more cold days with snow more than once. This winter has also been very mild in Germany and there was not really much chance to capture it in pictures. And yet it’s quite funny to read this and look at your snowy pictures while lying near the pool on a rooftop in sunny and hot Malaysia 🙂

      1. Thanks, Otto! It’s very interesting and so different, especially as I haven’t been to Asia before. I’m only in Malaysia for a short visit as I’m staying with friends in Singapore for most of my holiday but I saw many great little things today. And took pictures, of course.

  20. You can have all my snow. I’m sick of it, and I didn’t even get as much as they got in the NE of the US. These are beautiful photos and it makes me think I haven’t appreciated my winter sufficiently this year — but I still want to see flowers!

  21. These images confirmed for me the necessity of sometimes having people in our shots. There is a reality and a sense of scale that a person brings to an image that nothing else does. A lovely tribute to a too short winter for you Otto.

  22. Vi har haft en meget mild vinter her også.
    Men på en måde passer det mig fint – da snerydning i weekenderne også er en del af mit job….., og DET kan jeg godt undvære!
    Og dis og tåge er fint foto-vejr 🙂

  23. Hej Otto, bilderna är alldeles, alldeles underbart vackra. Vyerna är storslagna och så skickligt du fångat hur små vi trots allt är. Kan se på bilderna hur länge som helst.
    Förstår att du inte är helt nöjd med denna vinter.
    Allt gott till dig.

    1. Takk for de fine ordene, Monica. Nei, jeg er vel ikke helt fornøyd med årets vinter – men samtidig er det jo lite en kan gjøre med været. Så det har lite for seg å klage. 🙂

  24. change of seasons is something pretty cool especially if it is something you are used to. Enjoying skating in winter seasons unlike in Kenya when that moment you enjoy basking in the sun….sun bathing

  25. I feel the same about our winter although what we lack in the area I’m in is rain. Also the Sierras lacked a good amount of snow this year too. Meanwhile the east coast was bombarded with blizzards. The climate is definitely changing.

  26. these are very beautiful, so stunning is the pristine landscapes!!! maybe it’s just because the heat is up too high in my house, but i wish i was there, in those pictures, breathing in that crisp air

  27. I can fully understand your yearnings Otto.. I have loved the Icelandic winter I have just experenced. We don’t really get winter at all in the UK anymore so it was a real treat for me and I can see why you would miss it.

  28. A beautiful set of images – of an environment that I relish winter or summer. The joy of being on foot toiling for a summit or on skis is a highlight of the year for me. But somehow in one’s own backyard winter has a different quality to it and I am really enjoying the feeling of warmth creeping into the air and those first welcome signs of Spring.

    1. I know the feeling you are talking about. When I am experiencing more winter in my actual living environment – I certainly may long for the warmth of spring. But this winter seasons hasn’t been much winter at all. It’s always easy to long for what you don’t have, no?!

  29. While these are gorgeous photos I have to say -enough already!! I’m not negative about our snowy, cold winters but by this time I’m glad to see it starting to recede although we can count on another couple of surprise snowfalls I’m sure,

  30. Oh Otto! So, I’m here in California (where the weather is 75 degrees today at the beach!), had to go back to see my family for some personal reasons and they live on the East Coast where the snow has been BRUTAL . As I flew in, I cried — I could see all the whiteness over the mountain tops, then over the city. The snow has been brutal. I braced — with only a light coat (who needs winter wear in California?). The air that hit me from just leaving the plane was enough to make me numb. Tears crept on my cheeks..not from crying, but from being so frigid…. I am a summer, hot-weather, kinda girl now. I can’t handle the cold… I’m sorry you miss your winter. But I was so glad to only be home for a week…. and I shivered the entire time! Seeing you beautiful pics above was enough for me… I do not love the snow at all… I appreciate the beauty, but am so okay with never feeling that bitter cold again.

  31. Really beautiful images ! As a cross-country skier I would really like to experience back country skiing. It must be something to be in these vast open spaces. I never get tired of winter and I too get disappointed when we don’t have enough snow. Here in Quebec we’ve had about 30 cm of fresh snow this past week so we’re good to go for another week, week and a half of skiing if the
    weather doesn’t get too warm.

  32. Åh tack!
    Din hyllning till vintern, “vårvintern” som vi säger uppe i mitt norra hem, den är bedårande och den väcker så många minnen hos mig…och längtan:)
    Allt är upp och ner nuförtiden…där det borde vara vinter, där är det vår och vise versa…
    Men som alltid, så gäller det att ta vara på det man har…och får. Här i Stockholms skärgård har vi knappt sett snö, medan vi näst intill har blivit dränkta av samma vara i mitt/vårt norra hem…för att inte tala om NY:):)
    Åker uppåt om en vecka och hoppas att vi “kommer i närheten” av upplevelsen i dina underbart livsbejakande bilder.
    Återigen tack för titten och tack för att jag fick drömma mig tillbaka:)

    1. Jeg glad for at bildene fikk deg til å drømme deg tilbake. Og du har selvsagt helt rett. Alt er opp ned for tiden – og det er nok ikke et godt tegn for planeten vår. Men som du sier, får en ta vare på det en kan. Takk for at du stakk innom, Gertie. Det setter jeg alltid pris på.

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