The Stillness of Mother Nature

© Ingunn Nesset
© Ingunn Nesset
© Ingunn Nesset
© Ingunn Nesset
© Ingunn Nesset
© Ingunn Nesset
© Ingunn Nesset
© Ingunn Nesset
© Ingunn Nesset
© Ingunn Nesset

This week I have started a new round of my eight weeks long eWorkshop «Finding Your Photographic Voice». I expect the participants to be out shooting their first lesson right around these times. By the end of the weekend – or so I hope, they will submit their first photos for my picture reviewing, and I surely look forward to see what they have been able to achieve.

What is more appropriate then, than to start showing the work of the participants of the previous eWorkshop? Over the next couple of weeks, I will display images from each of their personal photo projects that conclude the eWorkshop. First out is Ingunn Nesset. Her project was about the natural environment surrounding the place she is living. This forest and hilly landscape is the place she seeks out to find peace, tranquillity and to discharge from an otherwise hectic everyday life. In her images, we can feel her attraction to the lovely landscape and how she indeed feels at peace and fully set free when she immerses herself into Mother Nature. There is a low spoken and gentle quality to her photos, even when she captures fast runners passing by with their dogs. What I really loved about her project is how Ingunn used various techniques and styles to capture the essence of her retreat, be it long exposure time, shallow depth of field, close-ups or distant views, traditional framing or panoramic format – and still made it feel like a coherent body of work. The resulting little photo essay is warm, serene, soft and very personal.

67 thoughts on “The Stillness of Mother Nature

  1. I think the first photo is my favorite. The tree roots, the bench and bottom half of the trees look like a painting, but the lake behind looks like a photograph. Wonderful work.

  2. Wish I could participate in this too. But I wish all those who do,
    a lot of fun and lots to learn 🙂
    My favourite is the second one, I like that it’s done in a “strange”
    way, I’ll try to copy that some times 😀
    And I also like that she captured the movement of the leafs,
    this picture is living. And I always like dew or rain drops on
    spider webs 🙂
    Have a fine day

  3. It’s a trip, an ongoing hike. She hasn’t just said that this is where she’s been or where she enjoys going she’s using photography to actively taking us on the journey; the adventure.

  4. I really love the tree roots spreading and stretching to any direction they like – so full of life and that life so strong and powerful. You have great eyes on looking something great! 🙂

  5. Interesting and diverse. My favorite image is the second one. I just love the composition of the sign and the couple walking in the background. She gave a lot of thought about this shot and it shows.

  6. I love the quality of Ingunn’s photos and the stories they tell. The light, the colors, the blurriness of action bring me right into the scene, making me feel like I am seeing exactly what she is seeing. Great job.

  7. I am so sorry, I did not catch Otto bringing my photos to the world – thank you Otto! You are certainly a great teacher.
    Thanks so much to all of you for your beautiful comments on my pictures.
    I really appreciate!
    What I can say is that all comes from my heart – I am passionate when I use my camera. I think that is the most important when making photos. Besides it is basic to take your time needed. To look, to breath, to feel…

    With love,

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