Ethiopians Hate to Lose!


Ethiopian Haile Gebresalassie is one of the all time greatest long distance runners. The prize-money Haile won as a runner has been invested wisely in Africa’s fastest growing economy. But not only does he invest with profit in mind, but he want his investments to be a benefit for the country. Read about our meeting with the 42-year old celebrity on Øystein’s and my blog; Untold Stories.

27 thoughts on “Ethiopians Hate to Lose!

  1. what a lovely way to live and prosper and help others, very happy picture!!! p.s. was the picture i submitted so horrible it’s not possible for you to review it coz there are no words? lol

    1. I think Haile is indeed av very special person.

      About your picture, isn’t that the one I commented at the end of the site page about a month ago? Or is it another photo I have missed out? If that’s the case I am terribly sorry for my negligence – and hope you will give me the link to it again.

          1. oh Otto, it’s a LOVELY review!!! you almost made me cry 🙂 you get me, you really get me 🙂 thank you sooooooo much for doing it… it’s a very nice thing to do for people, and i just loved it! *sniff sniff*

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