Yes They Know it’s Christmas Time, for Sure!


My colleague, Øystein, and I arrived in Addis Ababa yesterday without knowing it was on the Ethiopian Christmas eve. Today we have continued on to Gambela close to the border of South Sudan, but not before we were able to spend the morning at a Coptic church in Addis were people gathered to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. For our full report look up our Verdensglimt


38 thoughts on “Yes They Know it’s Christmas Time, for Sure!

  1. That is good to know that Christmas is not the same day everywhere. The story of “Never ever underestimate people” is very interesting. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Yes, the are using the Julian calender. Oh, you are right. I will get right back to it when I am back from Ethiopia. The reason I forgot was because the link wasn’t on the page…

  2. I enjoyed the full article very much. Although I knew about the Orthodox Christmas and its relationship to our celebration of the Epiphany, I didn’t know about their days of fasting before Christmas.

    I have two pieces of Ethiopean embroidery: beautiful traditional crosses. They were done by a man who worked with a mirror, so that front and back are as close to identical as possible. They still grace my living room.

    Given the horrors people of many faiths are facing around the world, it’s good to see evidence that peaceful celebration still is possible. Thank you for these lovely photos — and the amusing story of the photos that didn’t happen!

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