A New Year

I skibakkene til Park City Mountain Resort

First of all: Happy New Year to all my blogger friends around the world. A new year means new opportunities and new possibilities. I hope we will all be able to accomplish some of our goals and not the least develop ourselves into better human beings.

I also hope for a more peaceful and compassionate world. The unfortunate truth is that unrest, war and disasters are the reality for too many people around the globe. May this year result in better living and less violent for all those who suffer as of today. I know it’s much to ask for and most likely won’t happen, but if we all pull together to make the world a better place to live, I believe it’s possible to change the trajectory. Right now for instance a new hunger catastrophe is mounting on Africa’s Horn. Combined with war and violence which are still raging this area, we may see yet another tragedy afflicting millions of people. As a matter of fact next week I will go to the Horn myself to report on the situation. You will be able to get an update on what is happening through daily post on this blog (of course depending on internet access) .

On a more cheerful note I look forward to developing the exchange with all of you through the blog sphere. I think we have had some very interesting discussions last year – and I hope we will be able to continue this exchange into the new year. In addition I look forward to reading your blogs and keep learning from you. Finally I hope that I will be able to see or meet some of you in one of my workshops I plan to teach this year. As it is, my first workshop is the eWorkshop starting January 26th. There are still a few spots available if this sounds interesting (more info here) .

May 2015 be a good year for all!


101 thoughts on “A New Year

  1. I’m always in agony when I see so much trouble in the
    world and I can’t be of any help because I don’t have
    the money. If I were a rich girl…
    And if nobody would shoot first nobody would shoot.
    Could be that easy…
    I wish you a wonderful and successful new year!

  2. Happy New Year to you Otto. +1 for those wishes.

    I really like golden color of the tree tops against the very dark blue sky. The selective blur to draw your eyes to the focus point is an excellent choice. In this picture, it makes you feel like you are moved into the picture in that narrow path. Awesome picture!

  3. My (rather fanciful) theory is that if F/B, Twitters and YouTubes can go ‘viral’ on the internet, why can’t messages of peace go viral too. Some messages seem to reach millions around the world.

    1. There are thousands, dare I say hundreds of thousands, sitting with intent for peace and this shift IS happening. 🙂 Check out the 11:11 events, there is another coming up 1/11/2015. We are all sitting in deep meditation with intent for this change. The more that join, the faster it is going. 🙂 With each cleanse, with each choice, with each awakening, a year from now, WILL look a whole lot different. Enjoy!

  4. Happy New year Otto. I too would like to see a more peaceful world in the future, Maybe the power of the collective positive can help/

  5. I have enjoyed your posts / photography and look forward to more inspiration from you in 2015. Wishing you a peaceful and very creative year!

  6. Happy New Year Otto. I too hope for a better world where perhaps the good can collectively make a difference. With greed at the heart of the multinational corporations that are now so powerful they believe they can sue democratically elected governments carrying out the will of the people, if they don’t get their way, the future is a scary one. Wouldn’t it be wonderful the individuals lusting for power in these African states put the people before their own greed and egos. Every year billions in aid is poured into Africa and every year nothing changes. We’re quite happy in the west it seems, to take out leaders such as Gadaffi when oil is at stake but when there’s nothing to gain, other than the wellbeing of millions of people of course, the despots retain power. This is the tragedy.
    I try to be optimistic Otto but it’s hard. Wishing you a safe trip and hopefully a postive one in raising awareness of this latest tragedy unfolding.
    Our community here on WordPress demonstrates that there are so many good people out there, we really must work to make things better.
    I wish you all the best for 2015 my friend.
    Take care!!

  7. Safe travels Otto, and as with you and many in this world, you hope for “better living and less violent for all those who suffer as of today” is a great thought to hold for the year. Take care.

  8. Sarebbe splendido se cessassero guerre e ingiustizie, sarà molto difficile, ma non bisogna mai smettere di sperare e di fare qualche cosa affinché questo si realizzi.
    Buon Anno Nuovo con tutto il cuore a te Otto e ai tuoi cari.
    Ciao, Patrizia

    1. Grazie. Sono d’accordo con te, Patrizia, uno non dovrebbe mai rinunciare alla speranza di pace sarebbe non importa quanto difficile possa sembrare. Vi auguro un Felice Anno Nuovo, troppo.

  9. I wish It were all so simple..seems this is a very different world we live in these days. I’m looking forward to hearing about your travels but please stay safe, my friend! Going to go check out the e-course of yours. Looking forward to more wonderful, educational posts and discussions here in 2015!

  10. pink trees! or is it my monitor? lol… lovely none the less… and yes i wish the four horseman of the appocalypse would take a break for a year, give us time to catch our breath 🙂

  11. Happy New Year and I too hope it is more peaceful. Your articles are thought-provoking, they are much appreciated. I look forward to your future photos and creative story-telling.

  12. Happy New Year. Thanks for supporting my blogs. Looking forward to your report on African situation. The blogging community can open up the world.

  13. I thank you very much for giving us courage and the hope that we, the single human being, despite our failures, can make changes in this world. I wish you a very good trip to this dangerous part of the world and a successful 2015. 🙂

  14. What a truly magnificent and heartfelt wish for the new year, Otto. You reflect such a compassionate awareness of others, and I am grateful you share that with us. I will look forward to what you have to share from your trip to Africa. I don’t know much, if anything at all, about this more recent hunger catastrophe you are referencing, and I will do my best to learn. Thank you for raising my consciousness, as you do quite often, my friend. I don’t have a very reasonable hope about the overall anger and violence in the world, but I do believe wholeheartedly in what you said about the goal of making “ourselves” into better human beings. That’s a heart wish I share with you. And that seems doable. 🙂 Travel safely!

  15. A Happy New Year to you Otto. I thoroughly endorse the thoughts you express. The naturally peacefulness of the scene you have used appropriately echoes the sentiments you express.

  16. Just as the trees, the sky, and the snow complement one another in your photo, perhaps we can learn to better complement one another in the new year, acknowleding differences, and yet remaining together. My best to you for 2015, and a wish for safe travels.

  17. Kikar bara in för att önska dig en god fortsättning på 2015 och även en förhoppning om en bra och givande resa till katastrofens land. Det känns säkert tungt, men du gör en stor insats som synliggör och förmedlar. Kanske kan du även uppleva lite glädje och skönhet i eländet, det brukar du ju göra…det finns och det behövs.
    God tur! Jag ser fram emot rapporten!

  18. Happy New Year, Otto! My very best wishes for healthy and harmonic year to you and the world.
    I would like to thank you for the comments made on the picture I sent to you in December. I didn’t have the opportunity to thank you there, as the comments section is closed.
    You are very generous and considerate and I was humbled and honored by your comments.
    Heartfelt thanks.
    Safe travels.

  19. That’s a lovely image, Otto. All the best to you for this new year. I’m looking forward to seeing your report from Africa.

    I, too, of course, hope for a more peaceful world ahead, but in the light of the episodes of terrorism that have occurred in France, and continue to take place in Africa since you posted this, I’m deeply pessimistic. It’s incredible that the world has to be held ransom by a deluded minority.

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