So Much Talent

A couple of weeks ago I opened up for photographers to post a photo or a link to a photo on my web page Picture Critique. Today – when I finally close the offer – I can with hand on my heart say it’s been both fun and a privilege to be allowed to judge and comment the photos that have been submitted. I am still not done with all the images, but even if the page is now closed for further submissions, I will of course complete the task and get back to the remaining images. Hopefully all photos will be critiqued by the end of the weekend.

This is the third time I have offer to critique photos that readers of my blog wish to have a second opinion about from a professional photographer. It seems to become more popular with each instalment. The previous times respectively 15 and 16 photos were submitted. This time I have been allowed to evaluate 25 26 photos and two slideshows. It’s been fun and it’s been an honour to be trusted by all who submitted a picture on the page. The photos show a wide range of themes from landscape to interior to street photography to people to documentary photography. I would sincerely assert that all the pictures show talented photographers behind the camera. Some of course are more obvious and coming from a more matured photographic vision than others but generally I have been impressed by the level of all photographers.

I hope – and believe – it’s been a valuable picture critique for everyone participating. If you missed out this time, I promise more opportunities will come in the future. For now, thanks to all of you who have submitted a photo or a link this time.

Picture Critique


66 thoughts on “So Much Talent

  1. Wow. That’s a beautiful, creative collection, Otto. I always learn a lot from your critiques. Someday I’ll work up the nerve to submit one of mine. 🙂

  2. Hey Otto, Its a bit sad to hear that we can’t submit the pictures for picture critique for some time to come! Anyway It was a great pleasure to get feedback from you 🙂

  3. Dear Otto, I really appreciate the effort you are putting to encourage new comers in this craft.

    I really enjoyed your series of posts to select the ‘Great Photo Blogs’ and now we have a great collection from very talented people across the world.

    Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

  4. Har inte så mycket att tillägga vad beträffar inlägget, men jag vill skriva en liten hälsning då det var ett tag sen sist:)
    Har följt Monicas och din korrespondens, både vad beträffar bildkritik och distanskurs. Jag vet att du är mycket uppskattad och det förstår jag…du har ett otroligt driv och stor generositet.
    Passar på att önska dig fina helger och hoppas att du får lite ledighet innan det nya året börjar.
    Åker själv söderut över julen och upp till mitt/vårt norra hem över nyår…och där väntar SNÖ och kyla:)
    Ha det gott, wherever You are!

    1. Takk for varmende ord, Gertie. Selv blir jeg værende i Bergen gjennom jul og nyttår – og håper selvsagt på snø. Ellers drar jeg også til varmere trakter etter jul – nærmere bestemt til Etiopia. Jeg vil ønske deg en riktig god jul.

  5. Thank you so much for taking your time in reviewing my photo, Otto! Truly appreciate it and it is very constructive! I think the post that you have now still great for others who haven’t had chance to submit for your review. I meant, I take a look and I can learn from other images and your review towards theirs as well. Many thanks again and wishing you a wonderful Christmas!

  6. I’m so glad to see this summation, Otto. It served as a reminder to go back and look at the photos I hadn’t seen, and read what you had to say about them, too. Thanks once again, and best wishes for an even more enjoyable and creative 2015.

  7. Good evening 0tto, many thanks for the best choices you Show US here and I must admit I would choose the picture where a lady in a red coat walks in front of red a poster. Relax now and enjoy the Christmas holidays.

  8. Hej Otto, som du redan vet så uppskattar jag verkligen denna möjlighet till Picture Critique och läser alla utvärderingar med brinnande intresse. Sammanställningen i collaggeform blev mycket snygg.
    Vill önska dig en riktigt fin julhelg och ett bra och givande år 2015.
    Allt Gott till dig.

  9. I always love the photos that others share with you. There is so much talent “out there” and some wonderful photographers benefit from your critiques. You are very generous with the time you give to encouraging other photographers, Otto, Very nice!

  10. Otto, it’s really nice that you have such a variety of subject-matter to critique. You willingness to extend your experience, knowledge and talent to others is admirable. Happy winter holidays.

  11. Good Evening
    Thank you for your passage to my blog
    I ‘also likes to visit you, appreciate your work and regrad you wear also to help !! To facilitate preferences, it would be that the photos are a number !!
    I ‘especially enjoy the first, and that of the man climbing the stairs, those with children
    Good weekend and see you soon

  12. Those are all good but there are a few that are really fascinating that I would love to see larger. Nice work on all their parts and nice of you to critique.

  13. This was such an interesting exercise and I learned so much from your comments on the various submissions. I look forward to the next critique; I may even be brave enough to send one of my own poor efforts for your consideration.

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