Finding Your Photographic Voice

Finding Your Voice_Alternative

In January I will start up a new instalment of my popular photo eWorkshop. Are you ready to join? I promise you this will be an inspirational experience. Together we will explore many sides of the creative process within the realm of photography. It will be fun. It will be challenging. But more than anything it will be a learning experience.

Do you feel like you need some feedback on your photography? Would you like to learn more about the creative side of photography? Are you interested in developing your photographic voice? This is exactly what I can help you with during this online workshop. It’s for a reason I have called it «Finding Your Photographic Voice». Through weekly lessons and my thorough evaluation of your work, I will guide you on your way to develop this distinctive expression that all photographers are looking for.

The workshop starts up on January 26th and runs over eight weeks. Each week you will receive a little booklet (as a PDF-file) with inspirations, thoughts, knowledge and ideas for your shooting the next week. Then you will have a week to do the various assignments, of which you will send me an edited selection. Finally you will receive my comments about the photos, included suggestions for improvement – and in which direction I believe you should move your photography.

«Finding Your Photographic Voice» is foremost about creativity and developing your seeing as a photographer and being able to express your vision. It’s not a technical workshop, although we will touch upon technical matters whenever needed. Finding one’s voice is a lifetime project, and eight weeks will not make you come out on the other side with a fully developed photographic voice. But the workshop will guide you on the way to finding it.

If this sounds interesting, you will find more information about the eWorkshop here. Or send me an email: Otto

This is some feedback from previous participants:
You do a fantastic serious work and I feel that I am constantly met with full respect at the level where I am. Would not have wanted to do this trip with another photo teacher. Your way of looking at the photographic process, creativity and creation feels right for me and I have full confidence in you as a person.

I was especially impressed with the depth of the feedback you provided. You always highlighted both what was good and what could be improved. The balance is nice and important.

In my mind, I hear elements of the workshop echoing each time I pick up my camera. This was the most effective learning experience I’ve ever encountered with photography.

30 thoughts on “Finding Your Photographic Voice

  1. Sad that I am unable to participate in this workshop this time. I had been waiting to see when it would be and looking forward to possibly doing it. But right now life has thrown me more than enough balls to juggle in Jan/Feb 2015 and will have to sit out until next time. I wish all participants much joy in the learning of finding their Creative Voice; and wish you and yours Otto a very happy festive season.

  2. I’m glad to know the workshop will come again. Were I free of more pressing obligations, I certainly would participate this time. It’s a terrific opportunity. My best to you and yours for the holidays!

  3. I think you are a happy man !! have found that language to communicate with humans:”” photo “” …your photo !! few of us found a ” language ” of expression .. !!.my ” language ” is my medicine !!
    but the most important is to “”speak “” well !! to “‘speak “” loud “”and clear!! and you do this !!
    good for you and ..good for us….”””the viewers””!! “”the listernans”” of your photographic voice !!
    I’m waiting !!

  4. Sicuramente è molto interessante, io ci provo, ma non prometto nulla, perché è in un periodo di lavoro molto intenso per me. Cercherò di fare del mio meglio, non ho mai partecipato a nulla del genere, quindi non so se sono in grado di farcela.
    Grazie per l’opportunità. Ciao, Patrizia

    1. Però non mi iscrivo veramente, cercherò semplicemente di seguire quello che pubblicherai per capire come funziona. Anche perché sono limitata dalla lingua, che non capisco. Mi spiace per questo, ma sicuramente da quello che pubblicherai, ci sarà da imparare ugualmente qualche cosa, per chi come me sa poco di fotografia.
      Un caro saluto, Patrizia

  5. I’ve seen so many interesting and beautiful photos from photographers who have participated in your workshops, Otto I can tell something special is happening here. Hopefully I can participate in one later next year.

  6. You’ve so much to share ~ and this is such a great thing, benefit of those who want to learn (for sure) and also for the master who shares. Cheers to your successes!

  7. Otto, you’re offering yet another opportunity for your readers to benefit from your experience and expertise. I hope that you’re overwhelmed with responses. Wish that I could do it, timing is not right, again. Happy winter holiday.

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