Another Round of Picture Critique


It’s been a long time since I have been available for picture critique. I think it’s time for another round again! So once again, I open up for submission of photos anyone would like some feedback on. This is the third time I do this and the previous rounds were well received by those who sent me their photos. If you want to see the photos I previously critiqued you will find an overview in my posts First Session of Picture Critique and A Good Round of Picture Critiquing.

For a long time I have wanted to start a new picture critique session, but life has been too busy the last year or so to be able to make it happen. It’s definitely about time to get going again. As last time my idea is to let any of you who have pictures you want to have some feedback on to post them on my page Picture Critique. This could be a picture you are unsure about, a picture that is different from your usual style or just a picture that you want know how to do better. Go to the Picture Critique page, post a link to the picture and I will soon give my honest view and perception of your picture in what I attempt to be constructive and meaningful critique.

I both teach and attend a lot of workshops, and one of the greatest values from participating in photographic workshops is the possibility to have feedback on pictures you take. I know from the workshops I teach that this is what students appreciate the most. Therefore, here is a chance to get feedback on your pictures without having to participate in an expensive workshop. Not quite the same of course, but I hope it can be of some value.

If you are interested, go to the Picture Critique page to read more or just post a picture there. I hope to see your picture soon. Please do not post any picture or links to pictures here, but go to the Picture Critique page.


41 thoughts on “Another Round of Picture Critique

  1. Hej otto, ett mycket generöst erbjudande, eftersom jag sätter stort värde på dina utvärderingar så blir jag givetvis intresserad. Återkommer.
    Magiskt vacker och stämningsfull bild i underbara färger.
    Bästa Hälsningar

  2. This is wonderful, Otto. I’m in the process of finishing a post about my recent trip, and it’s quite photo-heavy. There are two or three which surprised me a bit, for several reasons, and I treasure the opportunity to have someone else’s opinion on them. I’ll have links to them posted on your other page as soon as I have my next piece published. Many thanks for your generosity!

  3. Una bellissima offerta, sei splendido caro Otto.
    Sinceramente non saprei che foto mandarti, magari se non chiedo troppo potresti sceglierla tu dal mio blog. Sempre se non ti rubo troppo tempo con questa richiesta.
    Un grande saluto. Pat

    1. Questo è piuttosto un modo diverso di fare – e penso che un modo divertente. Troverò una foto sul tuo blog e scrivere alcune parole su come la vedo io. Ho solo bisogno di ottenere il mio tavolo sparecchiato di lavoro, in senso figurato. Grazie per le belle parole, come sempre, Patrizia.

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