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I think enough has been said about the workshop I taught in Cuba with my friend and colleague Sven Creutzmann about a month ago. I just want to round up the experience with a few more image from the magical Caribbean island.


101 thoughts on “More Cuba

  1. Great photos of everyday Cuban life. I heard about the vintage cars all maintained and running, because getting newer models was just not possible. I especially like the street views.

  2. Your first image sums up the Cuba I would like to see, all in one photo Otto, the colourful houses and people along with the 50’s cars and of course, the more traditional forms of transport. Superb images! 🙂

  3. Great images, Otto…..I love your postcard type frames! I would love to see Cuba again, it’s nearly a decade since I visited. Many interesting memories….correct me if I’m wrong, but your first and last image look to me very much like Trinidad de Cuba

    1. You are right. The first and last photos were captured in Trinidad, indeed. Cuba has changed quite a bit over the last decade – and yet some things never change. Thank you for the comment, Sue.

  4. I love the first image. The perspective, the colours, the two modes of transport, the fading paint of the car, the unknown dialogue of the guy on the cart and the kids on the step, the framing, colour of the houses, sky, everything. There’s so much going on and it’s so iconic. The last one I love too, there’s character and attitude, texture of the cobbles, the smile on the guy’s face, and of course – The Cuban Cigar! Wonderful.

  5. Cuba is fascinating. I’ve never been there, but still it has this magic feeling and rhythm, very well captured in the images. Every time I visit Florida I go to Key West, the southernmost point of the US. Next to the official signpost is this little sign pointing to Cuba; next stop Cuba.

  6. Hej otto, underbart brokigt gatuliv, jag rycks med in i varje bild. Här har du haft ett magiskt flyt i fotandet. Första bilden blir min absoluta favorit, helt underbart perspektiv.
    Vill också tacka för ditt fina engagemang kring min bildserie.
    Allt Gott till dig.

  7. Very beatiful pics. There is a little bit of HDR post-production, or something like that, which I don’t like very much, but the photos are really storytelling. Congrats Otto!

  8. I love the life and color in these photos. It’s amazing what good shape that ancient car appears to be in. An Edsel, no less! I came close to buying one of those (a used one) back in the day, but settled on a white ’58 Plymouth instead. It was my first car and I loved it.

  9. The young lady’s floral fingernails are quite something. I think they might be the fashion here, too, but not in my circles. They wouldn’t do well with 80 grit sandpaper.

    The photo just below is the one that intrigued me. At first glance, the large pillar appeared to have been decorated with an abstraction of some sort. A closer look revealed that it’s simply crumbled a bit. Still, I like it. Sometimes rhyme and rhythm turn a sentence into accidental poetry. Here you’ve given us a beautiful example of accidental art.

    1. I like that idea, rhyme and rhythm in a picture. Cuba is very much like that, falling apart and in that process producing some amazingly beautiful “decorations”. Thank you for your lovely comment, Linda.

  10. I’ve not been to Cuba but the noticeable feature of these images is the selection of significant details and view points that say so much and convey a clear sense of place.

    1. I am glad you get a sense of the place from these images. Cuba is quite unlike any other place I have visit, part Caribbean, part Latin-american, part East Block communism and part American 50’s – all mixed together and a bit worn out.

  11. Sometimes I feel like I repeat the same things when I see these photos from Cuba, Otto, but I absolutely love them. I don’t know how you capture the perspective that you do, but the photos become so full of interest! The vibrant colors are spectacular, too!

  12. These are the people and places I see in my dreams about Cuba. Fantastic shots ~ the first one is the sight I wish to see most, classic autos within a street that feels like a home. You have chosen such a great diversity and mix with the shots Otto, incredible as your work often is.

  13. Such beautiful photos! I would love to make a trip to Cuba and take to the streets to try and capture some images. Of course they would not be nearly as good as yours but I would love to just immerse myself and roam with my camera.

    1. I think anyone needs to take his or her kind of picture without compare with others. What in the end is better? The only thing that matters is if the photographer shoots with her or his heart. Thanks for the lovely words, though.

  14. Amazing wonderful shots. What struck me is how these peoples are stuck in the 1950’s because of political circumstances yet the young woman’s manicure is totally today!! Glad you included that shot.

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