Stark Colours

© Vigdis Askjem
© Vigdis Askjem
© Vigdis Askjem
© Vigdis Askjem
© Vigdis Askjem
© Vigdis Askjem
© Vigdis Askjem
© Vigdis Askjem
© Vigdis Askjem
© Vigdis Askjem

The time has come to present the work of Vigdis Askjem. She attended my photo workshop in Villajoyosa, Spain, in spring earlier this year. From the workshop Vigdis is the last person to be showcased here – but not the least. Her work is worthy of a grand finale. Just look at the stark colours, the way she uses the light, and not the least the lovely moments she captures of daily life in the fishing village of Villajoyosa. The latter is for me what makes Vigdis’ photo stand out and engage the viewer. Each of her images tell a small story; with humour, with respect, with honesty and with commitment. I often talk about the importance of being engaged in whatever you shoot. You have to invest you own emotions in the photographic process if you want your photos to have an emotional impact on the viewer. That is exactly the case with the images of Vigdis. In Villajoyosa, she was photographing subjects that are close to her heart. During the workshop, she grew as a photographer. Initially it was a frustrating process, but suddenly she started to blossom. Some of the results you can see here.

With this presentation, I have come to the end of all the great work done by the participants during the photo workshop in Villajoyosa. I am already planning a new workshop at the same place next autumn, but the dates aren’t settled yet. Thus, stay in tune for upcoming information if this sounds like something you might consider participating in.


45 thoughts on “Stark Colours

  1. Foto molto belle, soprattutto perché catturano momenti di vita reale con una tale intensità che è impossibile non rimanerne affascinati e poi come hai scritto tu, i colori sono forti, li trovo splendidi.
    Complimenti a Vigdis Askjem e tantissimi complimenti a te che hai condotto il laboratorio fotografico, sei un grande maestro 🙂
    Ciao, buon fine settimana.

  2. Fantastic works by Vigdis and great for the grand finale of this series of showcase. Just this morning, was just wondering why certain pictures have more influences than the other. I was thinking to myself that at least the emotionally involvement in taking picture process must play important role in it. Vigdis’s works here just prove it.

    Thank you for the the series of great work here!

    1. Of course this series is all by complements of the participants of the workshop, but I am happy you liked the images. And, yes, the emotional involvement is really essential in order to create engaging photos.

  3. I was taken by your remark about the need to invest in one’s photos emotionally, in order for them to have emotional impact. It reminded me of the wonderful statement of the poet, Robert Frost: “No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader. No surprise in the writer, no surprise in the reader.”

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