The Quiet Observer

© Greta Dalen
© Greta Dalen
© Greta Dalen
© Greta Dalen
© Greta Dalen
© Greta Dalen
© Greta Dalen
© Greta Dalen
© Greta Dalen
© Greta Dalen

Greta Dalen is the quiet observer. During the photo workshop I taught in Villajoyosa, Spain, this spring she wandered the narrow streets of this small-town; quietly watching life as it was unfolding before her. She approaches her subjects with respect and honesty. Greta is a street photographer in a classical sense – at least when she photographs on the street. She waits and waits and then in a glimpse of a moment she captures that little interaction between people, that little movement that brings magic to a picture. She keeps her distance, let people do whatever they do, and let daily life go by as it does. She is not intrusive. However, she captures those intimate moments, those private interaction that creates captivating images. Greta doesn’t believe in tricks or enhancements, but in capturing the right moment while focusing on entrancing content.


66 thoughts on “The Quiet Observer

  1. you are a very good observer and critic in photography !! I’m just a fan of “”life immortalization “” with the marvelous machine !! but I think the man behind the camera is important !! Greta here “” set”” what she felt to these people, “” a second from life “” !!
    In my experience observer … it’s harder to “fix” people than nature !! isn’t it” “??
    Special photos were those which set “” real life “” “real faces” I really enjoyed watching this as much as you did !!”

    1. I am glad you enjoyed Greta’s images. Personally I think it is more difficult to “fix” people than nature – but I am sure others will disagree. Thanks for the nice and interesting feedback, Nina.

  2. Un tipo di foto che io non riesco mai a fare, mi riesce difficile fotografare le persone. Ogni tanto ci provo, ma non scarsi risultati.
    Bravissima Greta Dalen, le sue foto sono stupende, vive!!!
    Ciao, un caro saluto

  3. wait, is that Bob Barker sitting on the curb? hehe i wonder if the price is still right 🙂 nice street photography, she has more courage that i do

  4. You said what I was thinking when you wrote that she captured that “little interaction between people”. That is really hard for a lot of people to do. Spoken by a landscape, historical photographer.

  5. Greta Dalen is a terrific street photographer indeed! One a recent trip I added street photography into my shoots and because of your encouragement I was able to capture some fantastic images employing the same approach as Greta does.

  6. I like her approach to not be intrusive. That will give the genuine capture of the real life moments. These pictures of hers show it. The smiling of the young girl is so sweet … Love that picture!

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