Beauty in Forms and Shapes

© Monica Engell
© Monica Engell
© Monica Engell
© Monica Engell
© Monica Engell
© Monica Engell
© Monica Engell
© Monica Engell
© Monica Engell
© Monica Engell

Monica Engell has an affinity for architecture. Look at her pictures and it will be very evident. The way she photographs a city’s look and a city’s feeling is, yes, with a sharp eye, but even more so with her heart. The viewer can almost sense Monica’s emotional response when she captures the lines, the forms and the shapes of the city. We can follow her flow through the cityscape, see what she not only saw but felt for the manmade environment she wanders around in. If you look up her blog Et Lite Øyeblikk (A Small Moment) you will discover the same approach with all her subject, whether it be people, still life or nature. She combines her ability to connect with an almost classical eye for design and composition. And makes it hers. She sees beauty and wonder in whatever she directs her camera at. Monica’s photos, which are showcased here, she shot while taking my eWorkshop last spring.


58 thoughts on “Beauty in Forms and Shapes

  1. Beautiful images! I have a friend who does similar work, and it always surprises me how it can move me emotionally, even though there is nothing intrinsically emotional about the subject matter. I especially like the second one here, the one building reflected in the other.

  2. I have been following Monica’s work for quite a while now, and she is truly such a talented artist. In addition, she is such a sweet person, and I feel so fortunate to have “met” her.

  3. perfection is something shown by catching angles not dreamed of in original conceptions….. how it it all fits. and sometimes how it doesn’t…….. and that’s good too.:-)

  4. Thank you SO much for those kind words, Otto;)
    I am really grateful that I had the opportunity to participate in your e workshop, which gave me a lot to learn and think about, when it comes to photography.
    I can highly recommend your e- workshops….You are such a great teacher, SO dedicated and put so much effort in your feedback to all the participants.
    And I actually still miss the workshop, Otto;)
    Have a wonderful weekend:)

  5. Yes, Otto, these are quite something. Thanks for sharing Monica’s images with us. Will visit her site now. Many thanks for your recent visit to my blog, too.

  6. Great series of shots…such an incredible way to show the variety of feelings one can get from one photographer’s view of a city, the shapes & forms of buildings, versus another who focuses on the shapes & forms of people and activity. Very nice.

  7. the images are stunning and a polar opposite of my present surroundings – long flat stretches of the Misssippi Delta alluvial farmlands during the peak week of soybean harvest. it’s refreshing to view these, and those clear blue skies give me the impression of pure air, untainted by the dust from the harvest!

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