Stories behind Stories

© Nicolaas Kuipers
© Nicolaas Kuipers
© Nicolaas Kuipers
© Nicolaas Kuipers
© Nicolaas Kuipers
© Nicolaas Kuipers
© Nicolaas Kuipers
© Nicolaas Kuipers
© Nicolaas Kuipers
© Nicolaas Kuipers

When Nicolaas Kuipers attending my workshop in Villajoyosa, Spain, this spring he arrived full of energy and with an exhilarating positive attitude. He had been a passionate photographer before, but lately had put the camera away. Just before signing up for the workshop, he had found the old passion again, which was very evident during the workshop. He worked hard with his photography, he was out shooting early and late, and he was willing to open up his mind for new ideas and thoughts I and the other students in the workshop could offer him. Space was one of the concepts he really caught on to, I believe – that is the space that exists around the main subject, the scene, one could say, where the situation being photographed unfolds. Nicolaas began capturing this space, not only as a given element in his photograph, but incorporating it into the stories – whatever they are – in the images, and making that space come beautiful alive on its own. In addition, Nicolaas went beyond the obvious subject, capturing not only subject matter and the palpable story taking place before the camera, but through his approach, the use of perspective and space; and awaiting the special moment, his photos reveal the intangible story behind the story. For me personally, I am happy to know that I will see Nicolaas again in my photo workshop in Cuba later this autumn.


64 thoughts on “Stories behind Stories

  1. Ha fatto scatti molto belli, attimi di vita, particolari che magari ad altri passano inosservati perché li vedono come momenti comuni. Mi piacciono molto, complimenti a Nicolaas e come sempre complimenti a te caro Otto.
    Ciao, Patrizia

  2. He really captures the background and settings as well as his subjects. Great angle of his shots too. He seems to be able to capture emotion and personality very well. Nicholas really draws your eye into the scene and makes you want to study his images in detail, which of course makes me think about them more. His images ‘talk’ to you.
    He’s the sort of photographer that one can learn a lot from.

  3. His perspective to approach each scene is very interesting and creative. I think his focal length choice also helps amplifying the perspective. I really like the last picture. Great works!

  4. Thank you all for great, motivating comments! I have just arrived Skiathos in Greece for 1 week holiday with my wife. Tried to answer comments earlier , but the wireless net was not so good.
    The workshop i Villajoyosa with Otto was really good. Looking forward to go to Cuba in october with Otto and his companion!

  5. These are really fascinating photos. I see in them what you are talking about regarding creating and opening space. I see that others are choosing the third photo, the people in front of the pizza restaurant, and I also find that one extraordinary. The lighting in that photo really intrigues me. Nicolaas is a wonderful photographer. I wonder what he’ll do after the fall workshop in Cuba!

  6. You are so right Otto. Helping viewers to know the backstories about photos, either in the way you compose or treat a photo, or through some type of text description/write-up is something a great many viewers. Without any of those things, many people make up their own backstory, which is fine in its own way but doesn’t always reveal the true story or the photographers intent. What a wonderful and thought provoking post. Thanks!

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