Where Art and Life Interact

© Susan Judd
© Susan Judd
© Susan Judd
© Susan Judd
© Susan Judd
© Susan Judd
© Susan Judd
© Susan Judd
© Susan Judd
© Susan Judd

I have just started a new round of my eWorkshop «Finding Your Personal Voice». As always I enjoy looking at other’s work and to be able to return some feedback. There are still quite a few participants from my previous course I taught in the spring, who I haven’t presented here on my blog. Susan Judd is one of them. She has a very strong visual sense and likes to play elements up against one another. In addition I see a social concern in her photographic work, which radiates from her approach and in the way she visually express her chosen subjects. For her personal photo project during the eWorkshop, Susan chose to work with street art. But she didn’t just want to render the street art as it appears on walls, palings or fences, but were looking for ways to capture the interaction between people on the street and the street art itself. More so she had an intention to make the two elements blend together, so that the people in her images almost seem to blend with the art. The result is a series of strong images. They are full of colours and life, captured in moments of close relationship with the street art. There is a beautiful fluidity in her images; a dynamic which seems almost to stretch beyond the physical and literal subject Susan turns her camera towards. She creates small worlds within worlds. For more of Susan’s work please look up her blog WordsVisual.

66 thoughts on “Where Art and Life Interact

  1. Street Arts are full of vigor and fresh ideas.And of course in making strong statements …I loved the ones you have posted…:)

  2. I love these, the 2nd and fourth especially. The spare rigor of the second is striking, and there’s that wonderful detail of the can at the lower left. And #4 speaks volumes about men and women, reality and image, relationships, etc. Wonderful.

  3. Just got back from a stay with friends…thanks for posting, Otto. I shall reblog this, if I may, on my blog…(if I can work out how to do it!)

  4. Your comments of her works as I read were what I had in mind after seeing her pictures. She excellently captured the dynamic of people and blended into the street arts around so well. I do like the red door with two figures painted on. At the lower left bottom corner is a small soda can. This little soda can make this picture alive!

    1. The soda can is a very important element in the photo. Without it, it would have been a plain depiction of the graffiti. Now the photo becomes a statement and an expression made by the photographer.

    1. I hope to be able to give some inspiration, but in the end the work has to come from inside each photographer, like in this case. Susan is a very good photographer with a sharp vision.

  5. Susan is very talented and her art shows through in these images. Her patience and timing to capture specific subjects at specific times against the back drops of street art are impeccable. I’ve been following Susan for some time and always enjoy her work. Thanks for sharing Otto.

  6. Very interesting idea and theme, I really like them. I’m drawn to #3 in particular, she has done a great job capturing the feeling of motion. The person going through the frame with the movement of the waves captured behind makes for a compelling photo.

  7. I can add very little to your own assessment of Susan’ work, Otto. It’s very well executed and the real people blend in so effectively that at first rapid glance they almost appear part of the Street Art. Well done Susan.

  8. i have recently uncovered the joys of exploring a city and finding it’s street-art. i spent a few hours in wellington yesterday- and oh my so many gems. thanks for the post. oh and any chance of a photo-critique?- would be so good!

      1. thanks. would be great to get some comment on these oneshttp://stuffofmyattention.wordpress.com/2014/08/28/wellington-youre-wonderful-yeah-yeah-yeah/

        i was using my trusty phone- my third pick for what i take photos with, just helpful as it is always with me. and not a bad little camera for a phone.

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