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I am happy to announce another eWorkshop that can help you develop your photographic vision. Would you like to improve you photographic skills – become better at capturing pictures which show and tell what you saw for your inner eye when pushing the shutter button? Would your like to develop you personal photographic voice, the distinctive way of conveying how you see the world around you? This workshop may be a way to help you on the way

As you may know I do various photo workshops around the world, the latest took place in Spain this May. At the same time I realize that attending such a workshop can be quite an expensive treat. That is why I have developed this eWorkshop which will not cut as deeply into the wallet.

«Finding Your Photographic Voice» is a workshop which you can do at home. You only need a camera (any will do), and be willing to put in some effort into developing your photographic seeing. The interaction between me and you will by over the internet. Quite uncomplicated in other words. In a more practical sense it will take place over eight weeks. For each week you will receive a little booklet (as a PDF-file) beforehand with inspirations, thoughts, knowledge and ideas for your shooting the next week. Then you will have a week to do the various assignments, of which you will send me an edited selection. Finally you will receive my comments about the photos, included suggestions for improvement – and in which direction I believe you should move you photography. Each week’s booklet consists of 8 to 15 pages of inspiration and ideas, which means that by the end of this eWorkshop you will have a whole book of more than 80 pages about photographic seeing and capturing.

This is not a workshop about technique, but about the visual language, how to develop your vision, what you should look for in order to create catching pictures. As I write in the preface of the first booklet: This distinctive voice that is the focus of the workshop isn’t something «solely based on technical competence although many photographers put all their energy into technical mastery. It isn’t something that is only related to how we use our media, but it’s a combination of how we see the world, how we interpret it and how we express this view through our chosen, artistic media.»

«Finding Your Photographic Voice» is for all levels. You definitely don’t have to be a photographer as such – only wanting to develop your photography. Since it’s not about technique any level of technical knowledge is good enough. My focus with the workshop is really to develop your photographic voice. Of course what you are able to express and how you do it, will depend on your technical level, but not knowing much will not prevent you from developing your voice and becoming a better photographer.

The topics for the eight weeks are:
• Seeing as a photographer. The basics of the visual language
• Understanding colours and the interaction of colours
• Graphic elements of the camera and how it interprets the vision
• The passionate voice, the link to making engaging pictures
• The five elements that make up a good photograph
• Doing the work. Thoughts for developing the photographic vision
• Subject and subject matter. How to bring focus to the story of the picture
• Vision driven photography. The road further on

The eWorkshop will be limited to 10 people on a first come first serve basis. It will start on the week of August 11th. I will create a group where all participants can post their photos and where my response and picture critique will be visible for all participants.

The price for eight the eight weeks eWorkshop is US dollars 240,-.

Does it sound interesting? Sign up by sending me an email or use the same email to ask more about the workshop.

I look forward to seeing you in «Finding Your Photographic Voice».

15 thoughts on “New eWorkshop

  1. As a former student of your workshop, I attest this is a great class..I learned so much and the critique was very helpful. Really enjoyed the workshop. If you have any open slots at the end, I’d like to sign on so I can keep progressing with my photography.

  2. I’ve signed up for Otto’s workshop and am greatly looking forward to it. As those of you who regularly read his blog know, he’s a highly intelligent and reflective artist and you’re bound to learn a great deal from him — plus which it’s very enjoyable to learn in this sort of “community” environment. As a veteran of many online photo courses over the years I can assure you that Otto’s workshop is great value for the money.

  3. Would love to do your workshop. Maybe the next one. I’ll be out of the country for much of the time your workshop is being held.

  4. As another former student, I also have to highly recommend this e-workshop. It was a good eight weeks of learning. For anyone contemplating this, and you are a beginner photographer, do not fear. I was (maybe still am), and the course was fantastic for learning a lot.

  5. I encourage anyone who want to improve their approach to the camera to take Otto’s workshop. His critiques are always gentle but thorough, giving you guidance on how to improve. By reading the critiques of other student work, your own knowledge is enhanced ten-fold.

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