Memories of Summer

Pat og Jenny på vei opp langs Big Quilcene River til Marmot Pass

Blomsterprakt i høyfjellet

Pat på vei opp mot Buckhorn Mountain på 2130 meter

Jenny på toppen av ryggen som løper fra  Marmot Pass til Mount Constance

Pat og Jenny på vei ned langs Big Quilcene River fra Marmot Pass

Summer time is a wonderful time. Full of life and amiability. Often summer implies travels or visiting new locations – or just enjoying the good old places where one feels at home. A time to relax and a time to gain new strength for the winter to come. Summer time is also a time to collect memories. When I recall my own past, many of my most vivid memories originates from one of those lovely summers.

As I am posting this I am off to first The Netherlands and then Paris along with two of my kids. This will be our summer vacation together. I haven’t been to Paris in a very, very long time. It’s exactly 30 years to be precise. About time I would say. I expect this trip will add to my memories as well as my boys’. May indeed the trip become a loving memory for them to remember in the future. Before that, though, let’s enjoy the experience itself.

I will leave you with some memories from only a couple of weeks ago, when I spent a handful of days in the Buckhorn Wilderness in the Olympic Mountains in the state of Washington, USA. We had a great couple of days staying overnight right under Marmot Pass and hiking up to mountains such as Buchhorn Mountain at 6988 feet or 2130 meters above sea level.

Have a great summer all my blogger friends!


112 thoughts on “Memories of Summer

  1. How great you got to visit my neighboring state. It sounds as though you had a lovely time. Wishing you well on your coming travels with the boys! May you weave many sweet memories.

          1. No Holidays till Christmas but then it’s so cold it wouldn’t be much fun having a break now. Still it would be great to visiting Paris right now. Enjoy your time there 🙂

  2. A beautiful area for walking Otto. I will be in Switzerland shortly – very similar scenery and terrain although not quite so much forest. Have a superb holiday in Paris with your boys.

  3. What a beautiful place – makes you feel good to be alive. Enjoy Paris – my favourite city, where I lived for 3 years. Don’t miss the divine St Chapelle and the Rodin Museum. I look forward to seeing your photos.

  4. Hope you have a very enjoyable (and memorable) holiday.
    The hiking looks like it was a wonderful experience with great scenery too.

  5. My hubby and I are leaving for Paris, London, and Edinburgh on August 1st. We have never been before, so I am excited beyond belief. Have a wonderful vacation Otto, and if you could arrange for some warm weather and sunshine in Paris while you are there, that would be great :).

  6. Have a great summer, fun holidays Otto! 🙂 your first image brought back nostalgic memories of holidays in Austria when I was a kid, hiking in forested mountains just like that!

  7. Enjoy your summer vacation Otto. Yes, vacations create wonderful memories to share with your family. My kids grew up with a drawer full of family snap shots. The children loved to go through those pictures over and over again 🙂

  8. Next time you come to the Northwest, Otto, you must come to my home, Portland…just a wee bit south of Seattle. Photo and outdoor activities too many to mention. I know the best coffee shop…my treat. R.

  9. What a great trip with your sons for the summer vacation. If they are anything like my sons they will complain about the walking but will be amazed by the vacation sights. It is my hope to get them both to Italy in the next 5 years or so. I look forward to your photos documenting your summer fun.

    1. We have been in big cities on holiday before and have enjoyed it together. So I think Paris will be a great experience for my boys. Thanks for the well wishing, Nikki. Have a great summer.

  10. Looks beautiful. I had to go back in memory too when you mentioned the last time you were in Paris. It’s been about that long for me. I guess I’ll see here if there’s any change in the city.

  11. Beautiful photos Otto, in a very beautiful part of the world. A great start to your summer, and it sounds like you have another wonderful adventure ahead of you with your family. Cheers and safe travels!

  12. Oh my goodness! Spectacular images. You have so captured both the essence of the Olympic Mountains! The first and last photos are exquisite. Thanks for sharing, and enjoy Paris.

  13. You seem to have enjoyed summer very much before, and the plans for this looks like a dream to me. Enjoy yourselves and have a nice summer!

  14. Hej Otto, underbara bilder från er vandring/klättring. Önskar dig fina och minnesvärda dagar tillsammans med barnen.
    Solvarma hälsningar

  15. Although I hate putting people in my photos of the outdoors because they seem out of place (and often, I’m alone anyway) it sure does put things in scale to have humans in there somewhere. Hope you have a marvelous family vacation.

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