Summer is Up

Padletur i kveldslys på Lake Union

Padletur i kveldslys på Lake Union

Padletur i kveldslys på Lake Union

Padletur i kveldslys på Lake Union

Padletur i kveldslys på Lake Union

After a couple of rounds with some deep discussions about the nature of photography and what is photography, it’s time for a little more leisurely post, I think. More photos and less words. But before that I want to thank all you who participated in the discussion and by that added more conscious substance to the knowledge of photography. Maybe the understanding of photography isn’t necessarily any clearer or more sharply defined but through a discussion like this we all learn more and broaden our awareness. Even if there are differences in points of view. We certainly don’t all agree with each other, but that is just another forte of the discussion. As long as we keep our minds open and are willing to listen to different arguments, we will further expand our perspective – even if we still don’t agree at the end of the day.

Enough of that. Summer is closing down on us on the Northern Hemisphere. As a matter of fact we have just passed solstice, which for me really initiates the summer, even though solstice in terms of Earth’s orbit around the sun represents midsummer and not the beginning. But days are gonna get warmer and sun is going to spread its light through long days and evenings for the next couple of months, even if those days are already starting to shortening by now. Summer means holiday for many of us, and over a couple of posts the coming weeks I plan to post tips and ideas for both equipment to bring along wherever you may go as well how to capture the essence of those holidays. Stay in tune.

Until then I have posted some images taken last week while kayaking in the waters around Seattle. The trip marked the opening of the kayak season for me – and I hope to be exploring waters and lakes all over in the next couple of months. For those of you who are interested in the technical side of things, the photos were taken with a camera in underwater housing and then processed with the Instagram app.


81 thoughts on “Summer is Up

  1. Summertime beginning… Here the summer solstice bring s the mermaid parade in Coney Island- celebrating the sun the surf mermaids and mermen and joy and creativity !! Look forward to following your summer adventures !!

  2. There is a captivating quality about these images. Maybe it’s the post processing coupled with your composition and the light: qualities that make engaging images. The last one is so dramatic that I missed the kayaker the first perusal of the image.

  3. Underbara bilder som andas sommar, ledighet, frihet…kort sagt att bara vara:)
    Hoppas att du tar dig lite ledigt efter alla kurser och workshops…det är du väl värd!
    Mina kameror vilar sig i form för tillfället…ägnar mig år trädgårdsröjning i mitt/vårt norra hem, där det växer så det knakar under dygnets 24 ljusa timmar:)
    Att vara och att tänka lite till…att se ljuset…
    Önskar dig en skön sommar vart du än är!

    1. Takk for hyggelig tilbakemelding. Har fortsatt ikke sommerferie, men nyter å kunne padle litt og ta noen turer i fjellet i helgene. Reiser imidlertid til Paris senere i sommer – bare på ferie (men kan nok ikke la være å ta noen bilder,,,). Jeg ønsker deg en herlig sommer, Gertie.

  4. Great shots of these. I like the strong colors and contrast. I was wondering when I first looked at the pictures how low the camera was. It was from the water level according to your indication. That was cool!

  5. Enjoy the summer Otto. Interesting images given the processing.. The discussion about photography was enjoyable. We always learn from such things as you say.

  6. WOW – the photos are AWESOME! The colors . . . WOW! And what fun combining two great activities – photography and kayaking! Sure, we are heading for the end of summer . . . but then there is FALL!

  7. Hej Otto, underbat livfulla bilder, njuter av att ta del av de läckra kompositionerna, kontasterna, ljuset, färgerna och speglingarna och inte minst samspelet er emellan.
    Önskar er en fin fortsättning på sommaren.
    Här har sommarvärmen tagit en paus men mina kameror går varma.

  8. I love your perspective in all of these, makes me feel like I’m right there! Happy summer to you and I look forward to learning some tips and tricks!

  9. For noen herlige bilder – det er sommer! : )
    Har aldri padlet kajakk, men i sommer har jeg lovet å prøve det ; ) Skal feriere langs nordlandskysten, skal visstnok være fint å padle der.
    Ønsker deg gode sommerdager, Otto! : )

  10. No better place to be in summer! Kayaking! These photos are beautiful. If you end up in Montana with your kayak I would be happy to offer you some suggestions. For many years we have kayaked on the rivers in W Montana….

  11. So soothing and enjoyable…summer in Seattle brings out the best, and getting out on the water is perfect. Terrific shots, make me wish I was there now. Cheers!

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