Best Photo Blogs – Round 14

Best-photo-blogs_14We have arrived to the grand finale. That is to say the end of these presentations of best photo blogs which are out there in cyberspace. Included the blogs showcased in this 14th round 206 blogs have been presented for you. Originally when I started this project it looked like the amount would be closer to 500 but due to double and triple entries the ultimate amount of blogs finally came down to less than half. Those 206 blogs are all excellent blogs in my opinion, but I am sure there are still more out there that we haven’t discover yet. But for now I am putting an end to the Best Photo Blogs-project. Maybe I will need to open it up again at some later stage to include more blogs, but for now these 206 photo blogs are the best according to you, the readers. As soon as the voting of this last round is done, I will sit down and compile the best of the best from each round and list them on a separate page for future reference for anyone looking for good photo blogs. So, for the last time – at least for now – please help me narrow down the amount of blogs by voting over your favourite blogs among these presented here in round 14. As in earlier rounds you may cast three votes.

If you haven’t already looked up the previous presented blogs you can find them here. Round 1, round 2, round 3, round 4, round 5, round 6, round 7, round 8, round 9, round 10, round 11, round 12 and round 13. And just remember you can still vote at these rounds. If you know some excellent blogs that haven’t been showcased here yet, please let me know. You can just put the link in a comment beneath.

Here are the blogs of this round:
12 Months of Creativity
A Day in December
A Monkeyhangers Motley Medley
Annika Ruohonen Photography
Empire of Lights
iPhonography, Photography & Observations
M. Sargent Photography
Mein Bilde des Tages – Picture of the Day
Tracie Louise Photography
The Lazy Photographer
Movin’ On
Mark Kertesz Photography

Once again thank you for checking out the blogs and voting. I hope you enjoy them.


67 thoughts on “Best Photo Blogs – Round 14

  1. Sono talmente belli tutti quanti che diventa quasi impossibile scegliere. Ma anche questa volta ho deciso. Ciao, Pat 🙂

    P.S. Grazie per l’apprezzamento alle mie semplici foto

      1. Ti ringrazio tantissimo Otto, il tuo apprezzamento è per me un valido motivo per continuare con la fotografia. Un abbraccio e ricambio l’augurio. Ciao, Pat

  2. Thank You for that posts friend, becauce of You for long time i saw many good artists on WordPress, You only forget about my Photo Blog 😀 ,why ? no matter ,Thank You once again for that trip and sorry to hear that You finish that project,maybe You continues in future ? You help a lot friend, for artist like me i need a fresh air , so many boring art in the world and hard to find true pearls , Let the power will be with You, Vielen Dank aus dem Herzen Otto, ❤ sir .Emerald Wake the Second © ❤

      1. for sure You have my attention , i count on You then, i am too sick in this days to spend a lot of time opposite computer so i need a little help ,You are right person to make this possible , before i die again , Bless

  3. This round is one of the tough one or I would say I have much have time to pick 3 to vote for. The truely apprecate your efforts to bring these great talents together. They are so inspiring!!! Thank you very much!

  4. Hi Otto, it’s an honour to be on your list. The work required to pull this together is greatly appreciated. Through this initiative I’ve discovered many great blogs and you’ve brought many people together who all have a common interest. We love photography, we love the emotion it stirs, we love the dialogue it can provoke and along the way we bond with some great people thanks to you. With respect Mark.

  5. It is really a nice feeling to have been included in this the last round of Otto’s project. I would like to thank whoever it was that put my blog forward and commend all the other selected sites on their wonderful work. Good luck.

  6. Otto, I am in awe of all the work you have put into this project. Thank you for including me. I feel honored. I can’t wait to see the final results, but I’ve enjoyed sampling the new photoblogs you’ve introduced along the way.

  7. You’ve spent so much effort on this project, and I know that I have found some talented artists through your project. I do find the work of those selected throughout the rounds uneven. Your rounds were stacked with novices and professional. I realize that we each have our own vision of what is a worthy image or a portfolio of work. There are so many good photographers of beginning and seasoned status that it is impossible to list them all. I feel that many have been missed, but that is the nature of such a project. Still, it’s such a subjective process, and seeing others people’s photographic vision is in itself worthwhile. Otto, thanks.

    1. You are quite right, this is a very subjective process. But maybe one day if I continue adding new blogs it will be possible to have a more representative list. Anyway thank you for helping in the process, Sally.

  8. I love Mark Kertesz’s work. He captures an indelible sense of individuality with each portrait.

    Once again, thank you for bringing these fabulous photographers to my attention, Otto!

  9. This is a wonderful and generous project….it is fun to see some blogs I know and enjoy and have the chance to discover new artists as well! Seeing the world through so many capable photographers is such a treat!

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