Pride and Position

Old man_large

Øystein Mikalsen keeps reporting about the refugee situation from the border between South-Sudan and Kenya. This time he talks with Kuir Biar Yaak who has only been in Kenya for a month. He was 12 when Sudan got its independence from Anglo-Egyptian co rule in 1956. The old man tells a sad story about rebels killing anyone that’s not on their side. For Øystein’s full report please check out the blog Untold Stories.


10 thoughts on “Pride and Position

  1. Quanta ingiustizia in questo mondo, persone come questo anziano hanno visto di tutto ma hanno sempre creduto alla loro indipendenza, invece tutto è stato inutile e hanno dovuto lasciare la loro Patria perché c’è sempre chi vuole essere superiore e usa le armi per imporsi. Mi addolora tanto leggere e sentire tutto questo!!

  2. It’s truly painful and heart breaking to see what war and oppression can do to the defenseless as well as the effects of being displaced from ones country. In the Philippines economic poverty drove millions out of their homeland for the hope of a better life, me counted. Sadly, not all gets their happy ending.

  3. Sudan has got to be one of the saddest places on earth. I’ve read so many books about Sudan and the horror stories of 10-year-0ld boys with machine guns and virtually no conscience when it comes to killing because it’s all they’ve ever known. Yet, this picture and the old man with all those “old-looking” children, captures the heartache that is Sudan and perhaps, a hint of hope, too.

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