Øystein Mikalsen is back with a new post – and this time with questions you, the readers, have submitted to him. For this post he is visiting the border between South-Sudan and Kenya, where refugees from the former country arrive to their new country, and a most uncertain future. Most of the refugees come by car, but the poorest have to walk across, carrying all their belongings with them. Check out Øystein’s report on Untold Stories.

8 thoughts on “Borderland

  1. These are brilliant! I just forwarded this to our education advocacy network in the State of AZ and will share with my daughter who is struggling to stay in an ueber-test-focused system. This gives so much perspective. Thank you.

  2. Mi è piaciuta la risposta, c’è tutta la voglia di vivere di un bambino e anche la voglia di aiutare il suo prossimo, nonostante quello che sta vivendo!!
    Saluti, Patrizia

  3. A great story. Thank you for sharing and introducing me to another great blog to follow. Let’s hope this young girl can find a school and fulfil her dreams.

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