Sending out an SOS to the World


The refugees in South Sudan are trapped between wars in all directions. To make it worse, South Sudanese rebels have even started to attack the food convoys from World Food Program. This does nothing but escalate the famine crisis in this part of the world. Øystein Mikalsen continues his reporting from South Sudan.

17 thoughts on “Sending out an SOS to the World

  1. Here I sit in a nice apartment, plenty of food and with a twist of the globe so many are starving, afraid, lost.. The inequalities of this world make me weep… as one who has been there, how can we help?

  2. Una situazione veramente disperata, ho letto anche la segnalazione di Øystein Mikalse.
    Io cerco nel mio piccolo di aiutare le associazioni umanitarie che si occupano del Sudan, ma non potranno durare a lungo se continueranno ancora per tanto tempo le guerre interne. Non si pensa a sfamare la popolazione, ma ad acquistare armi per avere il potere.
    Che tristezza tutto questo, che tristezza!!!!!

  3. Journalists shouldn’t exploit poor people for their own person promotion, instead take action and do something about it – everyone in this world can help, plenty of rich people do and you would not even know their names.

  4. This is an area where I get quite cross and controversial. I don’t like war. I don’t like the notion that to confront an agressor one must take up arms against them but I also disagree with those who simply paint all combatants in a confict with the same brush.

    Putting the child soldiers and others who have been quite literally forced to commit violent attrocities aside, I know exactly what some of these guerrillas do quite willingly. I know that, as empty as they’ll forever be, it still gives them tremendous pleasure, to gang rape women, chop off the arms and legs of their children (I’m trying not to bawl as I write this) and enslave or murder off the men.

    I know that these sociopaths lead by convincing their doped up minions they are some kind of tribal witchdoctor to be revered or cult worshipped. I know that many of them, after becoming statesman or military leaders for statemen who achieve power through coups, go on to leech and skoff money, food and resouces from both their own tribes and dissenting tribes to fill foreign bank accounts in Europe and the Cayman Islands.

    I know that when they actually stand a chance at getting caught, they flee and hide in other countries with ways of accessing their hidden riches at will.

    I know that most of them get away with all of this.

    So how else does one begin to efficently put an end to the crises without also taking up arms and mobilizing? I’d really like for someone to explain it to me.

  5. Thank you for the information that you have brought to much of the world. Your blog is very interesting; I am following it. Please check out my blog; it may prove to be of interest to you, too.
    Blessings to you,

    Senior Pastor/Equipping The Saints

  6. otto, i spent most of today traveling, and i thought about this crisis a lot. i think about how many people are uneasy about giving money to ‘nonprofit’ groups for fear that their money does not go to the right cause.

    for sure, all of the readers trust you and oystein… i have no idea if the red tape would be too tight to have both of you be in charge of donations, but i think most people are wondering how to donate.
    there is also a ‘super food’ tree called moringa that many hope will help feed and nourish the poor. i think that it thrives in dry climates, and has many benefits – even the seeds are supposed to help purify water…. i have two growing in my yard as tests, but i think there are lots of people out there that might be able to help with options like this..

    we’ll keep brainstorming…

  7. Otto, thank you for beautiful photo and sharing the story from your friend in the field. I wish him well and safe journey there…
    Actually people can donate to World Food Program (WFP) directly in WFP website if they wish to help. It is one of United Nations bodies, I have some friends who work there and I have heard their stories of how sad the situation in Sudan and its neighbor countries in general. In the long run, I think it is important that we choose political leaders in our home countries who care on international matter such this and willing to do something about it seriously…

  8. I love the color of her dress and the way it frames the baby, and somehow that vividness emphasizes what’s going on around them which is all very sad. Thank you for bringing it to people’s attention.

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