Best Photo Blogs – Round 12

best-photo-blogs_12Here comes another 15 blogs readers of my blog have recommended for their great photos, great insight and great inspiration. I hope you will enjoy them, and maybe even decide to return to some of these excellent blog in the future. They represent a variety of styles and approaches so even if not all of them are to your likings or feel like they cater to your particular interests, I still hope you will find for you a couple of gems in between. As usual not all have been updated in recent time, but they can still provide some significant stimulation. Whether or not that is important enough to not give any particular blog your vote is entirely up to you. And, yes. I hope you take the time to vote, too. It’s not really that I want to rank the blogs, because they stand on their on ground, but as you may know my ultimate goal is to put together a web page as a reference source with excellent blogs. The voting is a way to narrow them down to a manageable amount. So help me out, and vote on your favourites. As usual you can cast three votes among these blogs presented here.

If you haven’t already looked up the previous presented blogs you can find them here. Round 1, round 2, round 3, round 4, round 5, round 6, round 7, round 8, round 9, round 10 and round 11. And just remember you can still vote at these rounds. If you know some excellent blogs that haven’t been showcased here yet, please let me know. You can just put the link in a comment beneath.

Here are the blogs of this round:
People. Places. People-Lings.
Flower Photography gtsphotos
Mike’s Look at Life
AG World
Daily Dose of Imagery
Daniel Mayes
Little Trot – Trot with Me
Rancho Reubidoux
A´la Foto
Mumbai Daily
Travel Magic
Living. Loving. Laughing…
Etcetera Etcetera Etcetera

Once again thank you for checking out the blogs and voting. I hope you enjoy them.

56 thoughts on “Best Photo Blogs – Round 12

  1. Now this time it was easy to decide – and as I can see, most of voters thought the same! 🙂
    God påske til deg og dine, Otto.

  2. It´s a nice idea, found this just now and I am impressed. So many nice blogs I haven’t found till now. Thank you!
    p.s.: Yes, I voted for my favorites, its hard to decide wich one is the best…

      1. Is there already a date for the next sample? I searched through all the ones you postet till now and it is truly horrifying how many wonderful blogs I never saw in the last months…Thank you for that. I think this samples are very varied. I really love it! What a nice project…

  3. I have voted every time you featured new blogs – interesting and good work. How many are there left? I have found much inspiration from this – thank you for your great endeavor!

  4. voted!! so many interesting suggestions again… thank you Otto… I can see my number one favourite blog is the top choice so far 🙂 happy, cause this guy is really an incredible photographer…

  5. Another fine selection. I’m travelling at the moment, so I don’t have time to check them all out now, but I’ll look through them as soon as I’m back at work 😀

  6. Thanks for supplying another wonderful group of photography sites that I probably would not have found otherwise. The list of blogs I follow keeps growing!

  7. I’m terribly sorry I missed so many of your wonderful and informative posts, work just caught up with me and I can finally sit down and read my favourite blogs!

  8. Hi Otto, Sam Javanrouh’s blog Daily Dose of Imagery in my opinion contains some of the best work i’ve ever seen. Although this blog was taken off line a little while ago it has moved over to Sam is hands down on of the most talented photographers i’ve ever seen, a very rare talent indeed. If any of your followers stumble across my comment I would suggest you stop everything right now and visit his tumblr blog and if I may, I’d like to suggest you include his tumblr blog in your next round? Thanks again for sharing, have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you for the suggestion, Mark, I have noted the blog and will add it to my list of future blogs to be showcased here. I agree Sam Javanrouh is a very talented photographer.

  9. In the past, I usually would cast 2-3 votes. This time, one (Heather’s) really stood out for me. I love her storytelling. Thanks for compiling these blogs!

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