Best Photo Blogs – Round 9

best-photo-blogs_9Round 9 of this informal voting over the best photo blogs out there on the internet will once again give you a hard time to pick your favourites. I think we will experience this all the way to the end. There are just so many excellent blogs out in cyber space. Which of course is great fun and very stimulating for all who have some relationship with photography, whether as a professional photographer or an occasional holiday shooter. I hope you will take the time to look up these 16 blogs I present for you this time – thanks to previous suggestions from you, the readers of my blog. I see that once again some have not been updated for some time, but I leave it to you to decide whether it matters or not through your voting – instead of me making an advance ruling. Talking about suggestions; as we get closer to the end of this presentation and voting rounds, and if you haven’t found your favourite blogs, just let me know and I will collect the extra suggestions and present them at the end.

If you haven’t already looked up the previous presented blogs you can find them here. Round 1, round 2, round 3, round 4, round 5, round 6, round 7, and round 8. And just remember you can still vote at these round.

Here are the blogs of this round:
Isathreadsoflife’s Blog
Journey Photographic
A Matter of How You See It Photography
Milkay Photography
My 2008 Blog
Visual Norway – My Way
Views Infinitum
The Lantern Room
Frozen Time
Looking at the West
Anne Jutras Photographe
Flickr Comments
Broken Light: A Photography Collective

Thank you for voting and helping me out.

63 thoughts on “Best Photo Blogs – Round 9

  1. Browsing all these photo blogs makes me aware of how one’s photos appear to a quick glance (by viewers).

    If a blog owner doesn’t have easily viewed photos, they’ve lost my vote.

    I must say, there’s some great images on the ‘net, though.

    1. It’s a very valid observations. Generally when you have a message you want to bring out, you only have a very few seconds to make it through your audience’s wall and catch their attention. Thank you, Vicki.

  2. Thank you for including me in such a select company 🙂
    I have of course voted – for other blogs 🙂
    PS And Now I have updated …

  3. Enjoying this series! Some of my photos have been on Broken Light Photography. They are a fabulous blog and I also enjoy Flickr too. Have to check out the rest!

  4. Lots of new bloggers for me this time, thank you for presenting them all. I suppose there’ll be a final voting as well? Not all bloggers in this round can compete with the outstanding ones from previous rounds. ? 🙂
    Ha en god helg!

  5. This is such a great idea, Otto. You’ve inspired me to do a similar poll except with a specific art interest. I’ll reveal that down the road.

  6. What a great list! I too agree about manipulation with the photos, I like some of the filters, but I have great satisfaction when I don’t have to do any editing at all =)

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