Best Photo Blogs – Round 7

best-photo-blogs_7It’s once again time to launch another round of some very good and interesting photo blogs. As before they have all been suggested by your, the readers, and I am really amazed about both the quality and the quantity of blogs you have collected for me. Just remember this is not really a competition, but just a way to narrow down the amount of blogs to a manageable size. Don’t take it too seriously in other words, but more as a way to discover new bloggers out there who have some superb photos or noteworthy thoughts about photography to share. With this round we have assessed more than 100 blogs already and are well underway with the task.

If you haven’t already looked up the previous presented blogs you can find them here. Round 1, round 2, round 3, round 4, round 5 and round 6.

Over to this round of remarkable photo blogs: Once again it’s not going to be easy to narrow them down, but give them your best attempt. As before you have three vote you can cast among this round of 15 blogs. Enjoy them all.

A Window into the Woods
Along the Way
North Western Images by Andrew Porter
Phil Lanoue Photography
Noeline Smith Photography
Helen’s Journal
Via Lucis
Oman in Monochrome (mostly)
Scott Marshall Photography
John Todaro Photography
De Brabander Geert Photography

Thank for voting and helping me out.


88 thoughts on “Best Photo Blogs – Round 7

  1. FYI, I looked at every site in addition to the ones I already follow, but it would only allow me to click 3 instead of 7, so I deleted my selections and didn’t vote. I thought to let you know in case it needed to be fixed before I vote. Great sites!

    1. First of all thank for taking the time to look at all the blogs. As for the voting I have deliberately limited the voting to three. I know it’s hard to choose among so many good blogs, but the point is really to make as clear a distinction as possible through the poll. I hope you can live with that. 🙂

          1. It wasn’t inconvenient at all, huge smiles. I have experiences glitches occasionally on wp, and thought perhaps it may have been that. I went back in and voted. Very difficult decision as choices were so great!

  2. Phil Lanoue has not only amazing wild life photos, but his takes are funny and his stories very entertaining. Bird and alligator photography at its best!

  3. Otto, it wasn’t easy to vote this week … some stunning websites you shared with us. Photography is so personal .. just like paintings – I want a world full of colors … I have learned to enjoy some B&W, but still colors is my thing. I have done my voting .. and I wish you a pleasant weekend.

  4. Again, really great sites and hard to pick. And found a few more I just have to follow, thank you.

  5. Funnily enough, I usually find 4-5 top blogs (amongst each list).

    It’s still hard to pick 3 though. I guess we’re all voting for photography styles & subjects we actually like (not necessarily technically good).

    I must admit I found a few blogs hard to open? Is this because they have uploaded their images at full size? Or what? I also found I was drawn to the blogs with simple layouts, large images and had a constancy about their style (as I scrolled through older posts to ensure the front page wasn’t a one-off).

    I think this voting is a great idea and I’ve found a few new inspiring blogs to follow too.

    Thanks for organising this, Otto.

    1. The reason some blogs are slow to open is sometimes because the images are in full size, yes. But other times it’s because there are many pictures on the site that takes time to upload and in still other instances there are just generally many elements that slows down the process. Thanks for voting, Vicki, and thanks for the feedback.

  6. Great selection with some outstanding photographs.
    Some of the blogs have not been updated in a while, too bad. Maybe that could be a criterion for future photo blogs?

  7. Definitely had a hard time voting for JUST 3 this time. The thing I like is the variety of different photoblogs up for voting, it’s certainly not a narrow selection of similar genres.

  8. Hope I am not late to vote it. All are beautiful and very inspiring. Thank you very much, Otto. I end up by following some blogs. 🙂

  9. Otto, Was about to apologize for my lateness in voting…it has been a busy week for me…but I see from your comment issued today (4thMar) that “No, it’s not too late to vote.” Great! Cheers! Raye

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