Best Photo Blogs – Round 5

best-photo-blogs_5Time has come for another round of great photo blogs. And once again I ask you, my readers and blogger friends, to help me narrow down this long list of photo blogs worth while visiting, so I at the end can present a manageable size of blogs as a reference for all bloggers who are interested in photography. I know it’s once again going to be hard to narrow it down, and in a way it’s not fair either to make you vote over the best photo blogs, because they all deserve to be showcased. But again it’s for the purpose of reducing the amount of blogs to a manageable size. As for the other rounds you have three votes you may cast among the presented blogs.

If you haven’t already looked up the previous presented blogs you can find them here. Round 1, round 2, round 3 and round 4.

This round, though, I need your help to narrow down between this blogs:
Jeff Sinon Photography
The Sophomore Slump
La Vita in Immagini
Lens Eyeview Photography
Ethan Meleg Outdoor Potography
Tod Hollow Photography
JMG Galleries
Theaterwiz Photography
Catch the Jiffy
Cornwall Photographic
Photos from the Loonybin
Like the Ocean Photography

Thank you for once again helping me out.


144 thoughts on “Best Photo Blogs – Round 5

  1. Great presentation, Otto! There’re two outstanding photographer in this group and many very good ones, thank you so much for all your work with this. It was most interesting visiting them and I’m sure they’re all very happy and appreciative. 🙂
    Greetings from the Rhine Valley

  2. This also continues to be a very good selection. As usual, they are all great works. My vote goes to “Lens Eyeview Photography”. This is not because others do not have great works but I like similar objects and how the objects are treated.

  3. Reblogged this on Cornwall Photographic and commented:
    This is an amazing intiative that Otto has taken to create a one stop resource, an index of some of the best photography on WordPress. Naturally I’d like my blog to be a part of that resource so I hope you’ll vote but more importantly, I hope you’ll be willing to take part in creating what is going to be such a brilliant place to visit to view amazing photography.

  4. Fantastic bloggers and camera artists, good choices, Otto. My vote went to Tod Hollow Photography, because he take photo of odd things … and capture the beauty in the small things.

      1. Yes, photo are art … and there is a market for everything and that is good for the artist. How boring if we all like that same artist or piece of art.
        I admire landscape very much, but at times it can be a bit too much – that is why like artists that look for the odd things or street life.

  5. Headed outside to shovel snow off pavement…unusual for Portland…before layering up for the freezing atmosphere….sat with coffee in hand and cruised all the Round 4 photo blogs. Like the Ocean had so many photos of our beautiful state of Oregon…of course I voted that one to be sure.
    Otto…personal thanks for all the views you give back to all of us who follow…your work..or others.

  6. A great initiative Otto. I see Jef Sinon make a come back, he is in the first round as well 🙂 Shows it is wonderful to see great photography again and again. I supported Adrian (Cornwall) in this one, I admire him for the way he puts Cornwall down in astonishing photos.

    1. This was a mistake on my part. I thought I had checked out all the blogs against previous rounds, but still Jef Sinon’s still slipt through. I guess I have figure out what to do with that. Thanks for putting my attention to it, Chris.

      1. You are welcome Otto, I am curious about the big round up of the contest. I have seen some sites I did not know yet, but also a lot I am following already. There is a lot of good photography around here, fun and inspirational.

      1. Thank you for responding Otto. I live in my own little network of social networking. My apple cart was upset when I tried to figure this one out, lol.

  7. What a great selection, and yes, very hard to vote for only three. This is wonderful in that I’m introduced to photographers I hadn’t known about. I’m always looking, always learning. Thanks.

  8. So many great blogs.. but I chose S. Slump… maybe next year I’ll be in these ranks (after taking your course 😉
    Thank you for doing this for us who want to see some really good photo blogs!

  9. I totally agree to everybody who was calling this a tough decision. On the other hand, it was nice to find a set of pages worth visiting more often to expand my horizon (and enjoy, of course). There is still so much to learn…

  10. Otto – I saw the spike of visitors and landed up here. Love you initiative and enjoyed the links from the earlier rounds too … Came across some amazing Photogs in addition to the ones I follow. It is always good to be inspired 🙂 It was a pleasant sunday surprise to be included in such a fine list. Thanks !!!

  11. I’m so flattered that I get to be included in this. I definitely am included as an underdog. To be part of it is such an honor. I hope the bloggers I know in this comment section voted for me. Ahihihi 😀

      1. I didn’t even know that I was nominated twice by two of my followers til I saw My Referrers box. I don’t think I have a shot because of the expertise of the blogs included.

        Thank you for my inclusion among the pros, and for those who voted as well.

  12. Otto, I have never expected to be found here, nor that you even know of my blog. I am deeply honoured. Thank you. There are some really great photo blogs that ranked lower than me – not fair 😀

      1. Hello Otto, I have read your picture reviews today :D. The one of a misty lake (which I loved – the pic not the review so much ;)), and the review of over-saturated vignetted autumnal trees 🙂 One of these days I may gather up the courage to send you one of mine….

          1. Let me think about it 😉
            I had a very long discussion with Rommel (sophomore slump) about these Rounds – he claims you are handpicking the candidates from the suggested lists (I say you are including all the recommended blogs). So which one of us is right?. The other thing I said is that if you are planning to include all 500 of candidates, some of them two or three times even, the whole thing will take up to two years or longer. Am I wrong? How long is a round supposed to last before the next round is open? Sorry for all these questions 😀

            1. I am trying to include all the suggested blogs – and yes, it will take some time… I will try to bring a new round about every week (more or less that is). Questions are good. 🙂

  13. Thank you for all your efforts in introducing us to these photo blogs. You are to be commended for your openness to photographers and photography of so many descriptions. As I have looked at these various blogs, I am both excited and humbled what so many fine photographers have produced. I appreciate their consistent work and their inspiring artistic viewpoints.

  14. I wanted to suggest another blog, but the page you allocated for that has comments closed. I was not aware of it until yesterday, so I could not suggest anyone earlier.

      1. Hmmm. I’m going to have to go back and look. I have to admit that when I get the notification of a ping back or whatever you want to call it, as long as it’s from a legitimate blog I usually just approve it. Need to start looking closer.

        1. I know what you mean.. Anyway the results of this voting can’t be true.. You deserve to win every round you are participating in. You should work more on your popularity Mr S 🙂

          1. Don’t think it’s for lack of trying. Admittedly I’m not the best at self promotion though. Working on that too.

            I was very pleased to see you included in the latest round. Very well deserved.

            1. Oh stop it.. you’ll make me cry …. 😀 Sorry Jeffo, I am a bit of a cynic today. Some weeks ago I sent my photo to NG – they did not pick it as a winning shot – what were they thinking!!!??? 😆 P.S. I really appreaciate your supporting words.

  15. Great list and I’ve enjoyed learning about so many great photographers from all the other rounds, thought you’d like to know that you misspelled “Toad Hollow Photography” on the vote list, you have it as “Tod” Now who to choose Jeff or Toad….?

  16. What a great idea Otto – so happy to see so many people interested in it too. I’m always on the lookout for good photography blogs and have found several through your post (which I got thru Jeff Sinon, whom I follow). Hope to make the list one day myself !

  17. Reblogged this on Le billet blanc and commented:
    Voici un article intéressant d’un blogger photographe qui s’est donné le mandat de faire le tour de tout les blogs de photographes qu’il visite et qu’il apprécie. Il fait même voter ses lecteurs pour choisir le ou les meilleurs qui donneront éventuellement un palmarès. De belle trouvailles à travers toutes ses blogs que je n’ai pas encore finit d’explorer mais j’y comte bien d’ici là. Un répertoire très intéressant.
    J’ai déjà commencé ma petite exploration et j’ai découvert de vrais trésors. C’est une invitation à vous aussi de les consulter. Une belle recherche qui rend également aussi hommage à ceux et celles qui prennent le temps de partager leurs ouvrages à travers le WEB.

  18. To me, the best photo blogs tell stories and experience and reflect lives… more than showing a building, tree, or a person. Great idea, Otto! Thank you!

      1. Hi Otto, I don’t know anything about the photo competition, like criteria, have only seen some awarded NG photos. I’m just curious to know if it is common to have a non edited compete (compare) with an edited photo?

        1. I really don’t know either, Amy, since I hardly participate in photo competitions. I would guess it’s up to the photographer whether he or she sends edited or non edited photos, although I believe the former would be most normal.

  19. i couldn’t miss voting for Sophomore Slump 😛
    some great photographers featured here…like a new one for me, Like the Ocean. very nice!

  20. Last week, I had to vote for Paula’s and Rommel’s blogs. I couldn’t pick one over the other. I very much enjoy their tourist photography, and how they explore the world.

    I came back to see how the poll is doing now.

  21. Otto, I just read Paula’s post regarding her withdrawl from the list:

    I’m not going to rant but I will say that I’m extremely disappointed in whomever it was that accused her of faking her votes. I mean really? I understand that some people can be quite competitive but that person is taking this WAAAAY too seriously. Perhaps their pessimism is an indication that they’ve faked their own votes, and would assume others would do the same. Maybe they ought to be ejected from the running on account of poor sportsmanship; if that’s an appropriate term.

    This is not the Olympics with questionable judges and judging criteria. It’s a well constructed, revealing and certainly flattering survey of popular WP photo blogs. Nothing to let get to one’s head, and spoil the experience for another.

    1. It was an unfortunate incident. I am not in a position to judge what happened, but I am sorry it did. I don’t think I can add more, except saying I hope we can go on and leave this behind. Thanks for your concern, Allan.

  22. I always love the chance to see so many different blogs and how they view their world through their camera. My time is so limited I rarely wonder off to explore new ones.

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