Best Photo Blogs – Round 4

best-photo-blogs_4It’s time for another round of selecting the best photo blogs out there. And once again I am able to present a handful of excellent blogs. They are all suggested by you, my readers, and I think you have found some really interesting photographic sites to visit. Some of your suggestions have disappeared since you suggested them while others have not been updated in a very long time. Obviously the former will not be presented here, but I have also decided to let go of those blogs that haven’t been updated in many years. Nevertheless, there are plenty of blogs left, and as in the previous rounds it will be hard to narrow it down. Like before you have three votes you can cast among this week’s presentation of outstanding photo blogs. Take a look – and please vote. As mentioned before, my goal is to put together a page with all the best of the best photo blog.

If you haven’t already looked up the previous presented blogs you can find them here. Round 1, round 2 and round 3.

This round, though, I need your help to narrow down between this blogs:
Leanne Cole Photography
The Future is Papier Mȃché
Modes of Flight
On the Wing Photography
Photos by Ravi
Joshi Daniel Photography
Lightscapes Nature Photography Blog
Junsjazz Images & Inspiration
Galen Leeds Photography
Christopher Martin Photography
Creativity Aroused
David Heilman

Thank you for once again helping me out.


54 thoughts on “Best Photo Blogs – Round 4

  1. This was fun. I enjoyed checking out each blog and have voted. Surprisingly, I was already following a few of them and I’ve only been blogging since January 1st of this year. Beautiful work and congratulations to all of your candidates.

  2. Wonderful selection, Otto. I’m already following some of them, and it was great to be introduced to some new photographers and their blogs. Thank you.

  3. My vote goes to Leanne Cole Photography. I like her work, her posts seem genuine and she shares the spotlight. She also makes it around to the comments and checks out your work, too. 🙂

  4. Oh my word, it was DIFFICULT to choose among these brilliantly talented photographers, Otto. I wanted to choose ALL of them. Wow… stunning…

  5. Thank you Otto, and your readers for choosing the main MOF website as a favourite for photography. I am quite surprised. There are so many extremely talented shooters that I wouldn’t have guessed that my work would have stood out. I am tremendously grateful.

    I’ve slowed down posting on the main blog considerably as my creative attention has been mainly directed towards other endeavours, especially the Hammer Home Street Photography Project ( but I will get posting on the MOF blog as time permits.

    Again, thank you all.

  6. You have me working! Glad to see Richard Guest here and Leanne Cole. Thank you for your enthusiastic response to my new format on my blog – we’ll see if I can keep it up 🙂

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