Finding Your Photographic Voice

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Would you like to improve you photographic skills – become better at capturing pictures which show and tell what you saw for your inner eye when pushing the shutter button? Would your like to develop you personal photographic voice, the distinctive way of conveying how you see the world around you?

I am finally offering this complete new eWorkshop about photography that I have already mentioned a couple of times before on my blog. As you may know I do various photo workshops around the world, the latest now to take place in Spain this May. At the same time I realize that attending such a workshop can be quite an expensive treat. That is why I have developed this new eWorkshop which will not cut as deeply into the wallet.

«Finding Your Photographic Voice» is a workshop which you can do at home. You only need a camera (any will do), and be willing to put in some effort into developing your photographic seeing. The interaction between me and you will by over the internet. Quite uncomplicated in other words. In a more practical sense it will take place over eight weeks. For each week you will receive a little booklet (as a PDF-file) beforehand with inspirations, thoughts, knowledge and ideas for your shooting the next week. Then you will have a week to do the various assignments, of which you will send me an edited selection. Finally you will receive my comments about the photos, included suggestions for improvement – and in which direction I believe you should move you photography. Each week’s booklet consists of 8 to 15 pages of inspiration and ideas, which means that by the end of this eWorkshop you will have a whole book of more than 80 pages about photographic seeing and capturing.

This is not a workshop about technique, but about the visual language, how to develop your vision, what you should look for in orders to create catching pictures. As I write in the preface of the first booklet: This distinctive voice that is the focus of the workshop isn’t something «solely based on technical competence although many photographers put all their energy into technical mastery. It isn’t something that is only related to how we use our media, but it’s a combination of how we see the world, how we interpret it and how we express this view through our chosen, artistic media.»

«Finding Your Photographic Voice» is for all levels. You definitely don’t have to be a photographer as such – only wanting to develop your photography. Since it’s not about technique any level of technical knowledge is good enough. My focus with the workshop is really to develop your photographic voice. Of course what you are able to express and how you do it, will depend on your technical level, but not knowing much will not prevent you from developing your voice and becoming a better photographer.

The topics for the eight weeks are:
• Seeing as a photographer. The basics of the visual language
• Understanding colours and the interaction of colours
• Graphic elements of the camera and how it interprets the vision
• The passionate voice, the link to making engaging pictures
• The five elements that make up a good photograph
• Doing the work. Thoughts for developing the photographic vision
• Subject and subject matter. How to bring focus to the story of the picture
• Vision driven photography. The road further on

The eWorkshop will be limited to 10 people on a first come first serve basis. It will start on the week of February 24th. I will create a group where all participants can post their photos and where my response and picture critique will be visible for all participants. Since this is a first time for this eWorkshop I will offer it for half the normal price.

The price for eight the eight weeks eWorkshop is US dollars 120,-. This time only.

Does it sound interesting? Sign up by sending me an email or use the same email to ask more about the workshop.

I look forward to seeing you in «Finding Your Photographic Voice».

62 thoughts on “Finding Your Photographic Voice

  1. I’ve sent you an e-mail to ask about registration, and being able to participate if ten people haven’t signed up already. I really look forward to this!

  2. Sounds like a good idea. At a different time, I might find that it would draw me in. Good luck with this endeavor.

      1. Hi Otto

        I’ve made the payment
        do let me know if you have not received it

        looking forward to the eworkshop!
        and i think it will be a fun interaction as well 🙂


    1. I don’t think being away one week will be a problem. You could either try to catch up the next week – or even wait till after the rest of the workshop is done. All communication will be by writing.

  3. Otto, fantastic opportunity … and an adventure for you too – a lot of work involved, I’m not able too – not this time … I wish you and your “pupils” Good Luck! I could really need some critical guidance.

      1. Yes, I would love to join – but I will not be around for 8 weeks for the moment. I’m sure I would have a fantastic help from you.

  4. Dette høres veldig interessant ut, Otto,- det er kanskje allerede fullt innen jeg så dette… men sender deg en mail uansett for å sjekke…:)

      1. Great! I will look forward to perhaps trying your eWorkshop out in the future. I LOVE to take pictures but have never had any training. Just use my intuition. 🙂

  5. I would love to take this course! Right now even the half price course isn’t in my budget, unfortunately. If I get more real estate business between now and then, I’ll check back to see if a miracle has occurred and there is an opening! I hope you offer the course again!

  6. Otto, I know that each participant will have a memorable experience with you as photographic coach. I’d like to take the course, especially at the introductory price. But I begin a course in Environmental Ethics in two weeks. One cannot do it all. I wish that you would offer this course beginning In May for the introductory price. Certainly the workshop is a way for your readers to experience your teaching skills and your talents.

    1. Thank you Sally. You are very, one cannot do it all – although we sometimes try – and learn our lessons. I will offer the workshop again, but I don’t know when at this moment. Most likely it’s not going to be in May, because then I have some of my other workshops running.

  7. WOW Otto ! This is a wonderful opportunity for people to work with you. And a lot of work for you. As has been said, one cannot do it all. Right now I am not able to do the course justice. Have fun. I predict you will have a waiting list for the next time you offer this course 🙂 Have fun. Carla

  8. It does sound interesting indeed! Hopefully I could join you someday. I wish you and whoever enroll in this eWorkshop best of luck! 🙂

  9. Hallo Otto, are you already fully booked for the workshop? I would like to register. Let me know if it’s still possible. Greetings, Dominika

    1. The workshop was booked within two days. Sorry to not be able to have more space to offer. If you send me your email, though, I will put you on an email listing and let know about the next eWorkshop before I announce it. Thanks for being interested in it.

  10. What a great idea, Otto! This is a most generous offer. I see I’m too late for this eWorkshop. I’d like to register for the next one.
    Wishing you all a great time and lots of fun,

  11. Hej Otto, stort tack för din fina kommentar på min blogg, uppskattas mycket. Fick du något svar från mig ang din e-workshop?

    1. Hei Monica!
      Jeg har dessverre ikke mottatt noen epost fra deg angående min eworkshop. Har nettoppp gått gjennom all innkommende post, men fant ingenting. Kan du ikke sende den igjen?

  12. Well I don’t have internet here at my winter desert home. But would be most interested possible another time you do this.

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