The Lost Land

Do you remember Eric Dooh in our first post The Heir from Nigeria? He had inherited a fish farm, a bakery, a school and acres of farmland from his father. But in the end of last century the whole area was polluted by oil production and thousands and thousands of barrels of oil were spread out in the whole Niger Delta. Eric lost everything. When Shell did a so-called cleaning of Eric’s land, they handed him two boxes of Omo, washing detergent, telling he could spread it over his fish ponds. In this video Eric Dooh tells how has life has been completely changed.

19 thoughts on “The Lost Land

  1. I have a hard time clicking on the Like button, though I know that means the people that have like the post and the information. This is just such a travesty; this information needs to be spread for the world to see.

  2. Let our community speak. Arindam spoke about an injustice to an Indian diplomat and the news finally picked up on it today. You have put this on the radar. If only it too, will get attention. What accomplishments and then to get them dashed away!

  3. Unreal. Well yes it’s real but it’s so sad. 😦 Just the other day I took a picture of a refinery smoke stack and was thinking of this blog and your story about this man and the village. Terrible. Just terrible. 😦

  4. Surely you would think that the Nigerian government would be taking Shell to some international court over this, and having them forced to clean up properly, and to give compensation to those who’ve been so terribly affected? I wonder, then…

  5. It is hard to watch Eric standing in that mucky mess that use to be his livelihood. It is also hard to believe that Shell is not being held accountable and that they can get away with such devastation. It is heartbreaking.

  6. Wow. This is painful. But who expects anything good out of companies like Shell? They exist only to make money. That is the beginning and end of their sense of ethics.

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