Yesterday’s News?


Some stories never make it to the news – no matter how sad and serious they are. Who cares when big money run over the lives of small people? Or even kill them. Nigeria is a place where the suffering of the people hardly makes the news.

For the full story I have done with my colleague Øystein Mikalsen, look up Untold Stories.

34 thoughts on “Yesterday’s News?

  1. It’s always easier and pleasanter to focus on pretty and happy things–but those aren’t the reality for the majority of people in the world in their everyday lives. Wealth and comfort are privileges, and until all the people around us have access to them we should never be content to shut our eyes *or* our hearts and hands. I think it’s one of the great privileges *and* responsibilities of being a ‘visual person’ that I can and should never stop being aware of the world and my fellow citizens of it all around me and trying to make life better in any small way I can.

  2. I can’t click the ‘like’ button – there is nothing to like about what humans do for money and power to others who cannot resist but I need to add my voice to the list of those who find these actions unconscionable.

  3. The drip drip drip of human misery is only news when ignited by a catastrophe, natural or man made. A tragedy in itself. Thank you Otto for the work you do in highlighting such conditions that are the everyday for too many.

  4. This and the previous post tell such awful, sad stories of the irreparable damage caused to people and environments by greed and power, Otto… and yet, as you say, this doesn’t often make The News. Tragic…

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