Best Photo Blogs – Round 2

best-photo-blogs_2The response for the first round of best photo blogs was almost overwhelming. Thank you to all of you who voted for your favourite blog. This will help me immensely to be able to at the end put together a page with a handful of excellent photo blogs.

One comment in the first round pointed out that it’s not necessary to make a competition for the best blog. They are all in themselves best. She also pointed out that in the end a vote is only based on a subjective reaction – and I do agree with her sentiment. But this process I have started is not really a competition, but a way to narrow down around 500 suggestions to a manageable amount that is possible to display on a web page. So please keep helping me by voting for what you think are the best photo blogs. If enough put in a vote I believe we will end up with a representative selection.

In the first round two blogs quickly appeared to gather the most and almost equal amounts of votes. For many of us it’s hard to pick the few blogs to which we want to give our votes, but again it’s very helpful in narrowing down the amount of blogs. So please put in your votes in this round too. Like in the first round you are allowed to give up to three votes.

Here is this round’s blogs:

Images and Journeys of a Searching Mind
Echwalu Photography
Fatman Photos
Killing Time with a Camera
The Background Story
Andy Beel FRPS
Focused Moments
Dan Jurak’s Lanscape Photo Blog
Dreamscapes Ian Plant Photography
Out There Images Blog
Tony Sweet Photography
Colby Brown Photography

Thanks for putting in your vote!

69 thoughts on “Best Photo Blogs – Round 2

  1. It demands time! ?Going through dozens of posts from each blog to see if it clicks for me, although some of the devoted technical ones, or the compilers were right out after 3-4 posts. I don’t mind talking about photography, but technical data are only interesting to me when in need to buy a new camera or lens, while the compilers, although they do a splendid job sometimes, are a pass time mostly.

  2. It took some time to visit all of them and take a thorough look …but now I’m through. 🙂 Interesting to see the various presentations, themes and main objects of interest. Some very nice ones this time too, Otto. Still my favourite so far was amongst the first ones in round one.:-)
    Have a great weekend.
    Love, Dina

  3. So good to be back visiting your blog after my extended absence from blogging. I’m delighted to see that your Best Photo Blog project is going well. I’ll take a look at the list and vote soon. Wonderful and thrilled to reconnect with you.

  4. Honestly, I like them all. Each one is unique and captures the world around them, it’s events and moments in vivid, moving way . Makes one feel that we were there. Inspiring list. Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. Honestly, I like them all. Each one is unique and captures the world around them, it’s events and moments in vivid, moving way . Makes one feel that we were there. Inspiring list. Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. I wanted to add my thumbs up to this idea. It’s great to see what others have done. It is a real source of inspiration to me, and it reminds me to try a bit harder in my photography. Thanks, Otto.

  7. Thanks, I continue to be astonished by the talent and even with your stellar lists, there are many more that are not shown. Of course, the number of blogs and sites are so vast that it amazes me we can discover each other.

  8. So So many great blogs you have featured to vote on. All are so fine work.
    So happy you stopped by blogger. Thank you for your compliment and comment.

  9. I love the diversity of photography represented here. Many blogs I’ve never visited before with some outstanding work! There are not enough hours in the day…

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