New Photo Workshop


Do you want to come along with me to the picturesque town of Villajoyosa next year? I am launching a complete new photo workshop in this lovely little town on the coast of Costa Blanca in Spain. Some of you may remember my post Back from Holiday this summer where I wrote about Villajoyosa after spending my summer holiday there. This town is such a lovely, little pearl. After having stayed there for two weeks; I thought it would be a perfect place to teach a photo workshop. Alas, here it is. In May next year I will take on a five days workshop in Villajoyosa at the most pleasant time of the year – before it is too hot and while this coastal landscape is both lush and inviting. As always my focus will be on the creative process and how you can develop your personal style and photographic vision. Sounds interesting? You may find more information about the photo workshop «Street Photography in Villajoyousa» here.

54 thoughts on “New Photo Workshop

  1. The price is so inviting that I might be interested. I will run it up the matrimonial flag. Since I got laid off from my job in August I have found work in my field working as a private contractor for an Internet company.

  2. Fortunato chi riesce a venire con te, al solo vedere lo scorcio ella fotografia si capisce quanto è bello questo posticino. Beh, al massimo posterai le foto e mi godrò la sua bellezza tramite le immagini!!
    Ciao, Pat

  3. Dear Otto, this made me so excited, I am thinking of this workshop, I should talk this with my love, I wish to arrange this. Thank you dear Otto, love, nia

  4. I wish one day I can join your photo workshop and travel to these amazing places. Perhaps one my son is older. I admire your zest for capturing life and following your dreams. Truly an inspiration. Have a great weekend.

  5. Har veldig lyst til å delta, men Kreta og Krakow står allerede på programmet i mai. Håper jeg får muligheten å delta på en av dine workshop en gang….

    God lørdag til deg! : )

  6. It’s a dreary day in London and this colourful image just brightened it up – thank you! I love the vibrant hues and harsh shadows in this photograph very much. It really sounds like the perfect place for an inspirational and creative photo workshop – I wish you good luck with it! All the best, Martina.

  7. Oh that sounds marvelously tempting. If I hadn’t just depleted my bank account on a trip to Iceland I just might take you up on that. I will certainly entertain one of your workshops as a future travel goal.

  8. Ahh! This is such a great opportunity. I have my travels all cut out for me next year. Between work and some R&Ru hubby and I fiercely guard, it’s going to be like this year, I think. Thanks. So tempted.

  9. I love the colors, especially how the blue of the sky makes everything more vibrant. Good luck with your workshop! I’ll look forward to seeing the images that come from it.

  10. one day i am going to come along to one of these workshops… 🙂
    all the best on this one – it will be a great workshop for sure.

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